How to convert OST to PST files?

Converting OST (Offline Storage Table) files to PST (Personal Storage Table) files can be accomplished using various methods. Here's a general guide on how to convert OST to PST files:

  1. Using Outlook Import/Export Feature:

    • Open Microsoft Outlook.
    • Go to "File" > "Open & Export" > "Import/Export".
    • Select "Export to a file" and click "Next".
    • Choose "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and click "Next".
    • Select the folders you want to export. You can choose to include subfolders as well.
    • Specify the location where you want to save the PST file.
    • Click "Finish" to start the export process.
  2. Using a Third-Party OST to PST Converter:

    • There are various third-party tools available, such as Kernel for OST to PST Converter.
    • Download and install the chosen software on your computer.
    • Launch the software and follow the on-screen instructions to select the OST file you want to convert.
    • Choose the destination location where you want to save the converted PST file.
    • Initiate the conversion process and wait for it to complete.
    • Once the conversion is finished, you will have a PST file containing the data from the original OST file.
  3. Manual Method (Not Recommended):

    • This method involves creating a new PST file in Outlook and then copying the contents from the OST file to the PST file manually.
    • Open Outlook and create a new PST file.
    • Drag and drop the items (emails, contacts, calendars, etc.) from the OST file folders to the corresponding folders in the newly created PST file.
    • This method is not recommended as it can be time-consuming and may not preserve all data elements correctly.
  • An OST file can be converted to a PST file in two different methods. So, you can manually convert your OST file to PST format if you have the required technical expertise, but with this procedure, there is no guarantee that all data will be transformed or not, and there is also a risk of data loss. While utilizing this method, there are several risks and limits, such as the possibility of data loss, file corruption, format complexity, OST file size restrictions, and so on. Or you can try third-party software such as Softaken OST to PST Converter Software. With the help of this application, you can convert any size of OST file to PST format without any restrictions safely and exactly. These user-friendly tools are so easy to use that you can easily use them without having technical expertise. The utility is compatible with all MS Windows editions, such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, etc. Therefore, the application also offers a free trial version to learn more about its features.    

  • Yes, it is possible to convert OST files into PST files. You can perform it manually or use a professional service. The manual procedure is complicated and needs technical knowledge. The manual technique is a time-consuming and lengthy process. That's why I recommend utilizing the TrustVare OST to PST Converter Software to convert OST files to Outlook PST format. With its easy and interesting interface, you can complete the assignment without any technical knowledge. It also allows you to convert OST files in bulk, which saves time and effort. Furthermore, it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. This program is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS.

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  • There are mainly two ways to convert OST files to PST files.

    Method #1 - Using Microsoft Outlook inbuilt Feature – (Most Useful)

    In this method easy and works well for most users.

    • Open your Microsoft Outlook and Click on the File tab in the top left corner of your Outlook Window.
    • Go to "Open & Export" and then select "Import/Export" in Settings.
    • In this Import and Export settings, choose "Export to a file" and click "Next".
    • Then select the "Outlook Data File (.pst)" and click "Next" in the setting.
    • Choose your OST file you want to convert and then folders you want to export.
    • Confirm the location to save the converted PST file and click "Finish" to save on your location.

    Method #2 - Using Third-party Software – Stellar Converter for OST (Most trustable)

    Most of the converter is available but Most Trusted and Recommended by Microsoft MVPs is Stellar Converter for OST. It converts OST to PST file and resolve the corruption issue of OST file.

    • Download Stellar Converter for OST and Install OST to PST Converter too. Then Click Browse and select the OST file.
    • If you do not know the OST file location, click on Find. After selecting the OST file, click on Convert to begin scan and conversion process. After the scan, you can preview all emails and other mail items.
    • Select all the email folders that you want to convert to PST. Then click 'Save Converted File' under 'Home' tab.
    • From the options, choose PST and then click 'Browse'. Choose a destination path to save the PST file and click 'OK'
  • To convert OST files, you can do it manually or you can use an automatic OST to PST Converter, which allows users to convert many OST files to Outlook PST file format at the same time in a few minutes. Let us walk through the manual and professional processes.

    Using Auto Archive Settings to manually convert an OST file to a PST.

    • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system.
    • Go to the File tab and select Options.
    • Locate the Advanced area in the Options menu.
    • Click on AutoArchive Settings.
    • Select the required fields and click OK.
    • Finally, your OST file will be converted to PST files based on your archiving settings.

    This approach can convert all OST files, but it cannot migrate contacts.

    Limitations of the Manual Approach

    • The manual process requires MS Outlook installation on your PC.
    • A manual step can be lengthy and time-consuming.
    • Manual OST conversion can be challenging. If any one step is missing or incorrect,

    completed, the user can become trapped in the procedure.

    • The manual procedure does not support corrupted or damaged OST files.

    The best way to convert OST files to PST format is to employ a professional solution. Professional programs assist users in accurately converting files and provide a variety of features that allow users to convert files with only a few clicks and instructions. Users can choose ToolsBaer for OST to PST Conversion Software, which is built with unique capabilities and an interactive GUI to meet all types of users. The application works with all MS Windows editions. You can also try out the free demo version of this program to learn more.

  • For converting the Outlook OST file to PST format there are 2 ways one is the manual way and another the easiest third-party application, for the third party there are so many applications available in the market but the A2Z Migrations for OST to PST is the best free solution. Using this application, we can export our 1GB OST file in PST format without any charges. It has a great GUI interface so we can easily use it. The feature of this application is imperative like we can migrate our corrupted OST as well. In my opinion, this is the best solution ever. 

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