RemoteScan Silent Install Configuration

RemoteScan silent installation configuration is useful for creating .msi files for deploying RemoteScan onto several workstations or installing RemoteScan via a scripted install.

Installing RemoteScan silently involves running the installer from a command prompt or batch file. The basic command looks like this:

RemoteScanEnterpriseASP.exe /s server "install path" [update_citrix_client] [start_server] [hide_program_group] [as_service]  [update_scansnap]

Where the arguments are defined as follows:

RemoteScanEnterpriseASP.exe - The name of the installer, keep in mind that this may be slightly different depending on the version of RemoteScan that you have purchased.

/s - A flag that tells the installer to run in "silent" mode with no user interface

server - Indicates which RemoteScan component to install. The "server" is the component to install on the local workstation.

"install path" - This is the path to install RemoteScan to. Typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\RemoteScan Server".

update_citrix_client - A 'Y' or 'N' flag indicating whether to update the Citrix ICA client. Only put a Y here if you are using RemoteScan with Citrix.

start_server - A 'Y' or 'N' flag indicating if you would like the RemoteScan Server component to run after installation is complete. Normally, you will want to put a Y here.

hide_program_group - A 'Y' or 'N' flag indicating whether to hide the RemoteScan program group. Normally set to 'N'.

as_service - A 'Y' or 'N' flag indicating whether to install and run the RemoteScan Server as a service. For Terminal Services and Citrix, we strongly discourage running RemoteScan as a service and suggest using a 'N' here.

update_scansnap - A 'Y' or 'N' flag indicating whether to update for ScanSnap. Only put a Y here if you are using RemoteScanTm with ScanSnap Manager or Home and ScanSnap Manager or Home is already installed.