Is there not a search on this forum? Error copying c:\windows\TWUNK_32.exe to (homepath)

I"m getting an error copying the TWUNK_32.exe files from c:\windows to the users homepath\windows because the system cannot find the file specified. I've looked on the seven server 2012 terminal servers in this farm, the server 2016 servers in my other farm, and my windows 10 desktop. This file doesn't appear to be a standard part of windows anymore. What is the resolution?

I've gone through a couple of reinstall cycles. I can provide that file from an older server but that doesn't seem like a good solution, and it doesn't work anyway. The Remotescan TWAIN object doesn't appear for any user and the system tray icon doesn't show up for any user.

Also when I tried to search for answers I was returned results from all other parts of but there didn't seem to be a way to limit it to the remotescan section of the website. This makes it very difficult to self-service in a timely manner.

  • On newer versions of Windows Server, twunk_32.exe may not be installed by default. It should be located at C:/Windows/twunk_32.exe . If needed, Twunk_32.exe may be copied from a different installation of Windows Server, or it may be downloaded from Twunk_32.exe should be located at C:/Windows/Twunk_32.exe before running the RemoteScan installer on that server.

    If RemoteScan doesn’t show as a scanning choice in your intended Twain-compliant application, it may be helpful to check the user’s Homepath on the terminal server and make sure the following items are present:


     There should not be a RemoteScan tray icon on the terminal server session, though there should be a RemoteScan tray icon on the local workstation desktop where the scanner is attached.

     Regarding the Quest website search results, we are investigating the index issue with the forum and should have it fixed in the near future.