RemoteScan License Auditing/reporting/tracking

Hey there Everyone. 

As my organization grows and PCs age out, we have to transfer licenses to newer PC. we seem to be running into an issue where accounts will fill up and we have to go back and check against all registered remotescan MACs to see if there were any PCs that may have been removed in person, but we may have missed within remotescan.

What I've done in the past is go through each license, Check the MAC associated with it to see if remotescan is even still installed on the PC (if the pc is even still in our system) and then make notes in the notes field on whether its "open" or not. As we get more licenses and more PCs get shuffled around, we have less and less time to do it this way as its a fairly hands on process.

How is your organization handling keeping track of this. Is it something that is exclusively handled by your inventory systems or are there any tips/trick with remotescan itself to.


  • Hi Jatsiv,
    I totally understand the hassle of keeping track of hardware-based licenses. If you find yourself managing large numbers of hardware-based licenses across multiple sites, I might suggest exploring switching to RemoteScan Enterprise User Edition (same product as RemoteScan Enterprise, but uses Active Directory-based licensing instead of hardware-based licensing). Utilizing this option would involve installing a RemoteScan license server which would authenticate users on the remote server side and their local hardware is not licensed. If maintenance is up-to-date on the existing RemoteScan licenses, the costs for switching products is usually pretty minimal.

    But, if Active Directory-based licensing doesn't work for your organization, then here are a couple of other suggestions I might offer:

    1. You can update the licenses list in the RemoteScan website so that all the active hostnames are up-to-date. To do this, instruct all of your active RemoteScan users to open the RemoteScan registration window on their individual PCs and click "Register / Get Unlock Key From Web" in their individual setups. Doing this updates the machine name information in the license list on the RemoteScan website. If all of your active users do this, then the license list in the RemoteScan portal should include all the host names of your active users in your organization. You can then compare this list against the known active hostnames in your org to infer which PCs are active versus those which may have been retired.
    2. You can also use asset-management software to automatically track hardware-based RemoteScan licenses, as well as usage. We actually make software that does this (see KACE SMA and KACE Cloud MDM).
    3. If none of these options seem to make sense for your scenario, I might suggest contacting our sales team to see if there are any other licensing options which might apply to your organization. Please feel free to reach out to us at 800-306-9329 and you can ask to be connected to a RemoteScan sales rep.