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Shareplex replication on oracle standby database

Hi There,

Just wondering shareplex replication can work on oracle Standby database(source DB) to extract the data ?

our customer already have environment with setup of shareplex replication on production database to reporting database.

Now we are going to migrate production database to new server. only production environment have shareplex replication.

To have generic migration approach across all the environments, we are planning to setup oracle data gaurd on new server and will perform the switchover.

in this case, what will happen to existing shareplex replication on production database, will it work as is on standy database ? or any addition change  required to make it work for standby database ? or it won't work

Thanks in advance


Ameerudeen H

  • Hi, Ameerudeen - the short answer to your question is that SharePlex CAN replicate from the log files associated with a DataGuard Standby database.  However, since you're already replicating from the Primary database, there will need to be some configuration changes.  Also, even when using a Standby database as the replication source, SharePlex would still need a (SQL*NET) connection to the Primary database, and replication performance will not be the same as if you were replicating from the Primary.

    I'd recommend you contact us for a conversation, so that we can understand exactly what you're trying to accomplish and can give you recommendations very specific to your situation.   The fastest way to set that up would be to call your Quest Account Manager and ask to set up a phone call or WebEx.


    Clay Jackson

    PreSales Engineer

  • Thanks Clay for quick respond.  Your respond look promising , i will get in touch with Quest Thanks again

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