• Expanded target support (MySQL/PostgreSQL) with SharePlex 10.1.2

    Customers continue to adopt open-source database platforms as they work though digital transformation strategies.  To help support Oracle customers looking to take advantage of open-source alternatives, we are pleased to announce the release of SharePlex…

  • Oracle to Oracle Initial load possible ?

    Hello There,

    We have 25TB of 12c Oracle Database on (sun solaris ) and our client wanted to move it to AWS ( Linux OS ). 

    Can you please let me know how can we achieve this with minimal downtime with out setting up Datagaurd. 

    Does Shareplex supports…

  • SharePlex on OEL (RHEL) 8.x

    When will SharePlex be supported under OEL (RHEL) 8.x?
  • Shareplex replication on oracle standby database

    Hi There,

    Just wondering shareplex replication can work on oracle Standby database(source DB) to extract the data ?

    our customer already have environment with setup of shareplex replication on production database to reporting database.

    Now we are going…

  • SharePlex vs RMAN

    Hello All,

    I have been working on Oracle Golden Gate quote long time but I was asked to do some POC in Shareplex for upcoming migration. 

    From yesterday I'm reading Shareplex 9 with lots of documents but found lots interesting. Specifically, The below…