Endpoint Security

Endpoint security that’s simple and effective

Keeping all your endpoint systems up to date and properly configured is essential to enterprise security. Our single, easy-to-use systems management solution delivers automated patch management using one of the largest patch libraries in the industry; identifies vulnerabilities with OVAL and SCAP scanning; and enforces security policies with comprehensive system configuration management for complete endpoint protection.

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Protect your IT environment with comprehensive endpoint systems management.

Protect your IT environment with comprehensive endpoint systems management.


Save time while protecting your endpoints from a wide range of threats, including unpatched operating systems and applications, out-of-date software with security holes, and improper security configurations, all with our endpoint systems management solution.

Comprehensive patch management and deployment

Reduce infrastructure and resource costs by using a single patch management solution to ensure that your systems are patched and up to date, including Windows® and Mac® platforms as well as potentially vulnerable third-party applications, such as Adobe® Reader® and Oracle® Java. Simplify endpoint management with powerful administrative capabilities, such as customizable and automated patch scheduling based on dynamic filtering, and detailed tracking and reporting on the status of patches.

Remote replication

Significantly reduce the network impact of large patch deployments with remote replication. Simply designate a system in a remote location as the replication share, send the data once over your network to that replication share, and then all other systems at that remote office will pull patches directly from the remote replication share through the LAN — with no need for dedicated hardware or personnel at the remote facility.

Configuration management

Easily set and enforce desktop configurations, and manage McAfee® and Symantec™ anti-virus packages. Streamline configuration and security policy enforcement, such as firewall, browser and registry settings, for Windows, Mac and Linux® systems, with pre-built or custom scripts. Automatically deploy scripts based on specific conditions or manually run them as needed. Scripts can target one system, a specific group of systems or an entire network.

Vulnerability scanner

Quickly discover vulnerabilities in your environment and identify systems that aren’t compliant with your security and configuration policies using powerful security audits. Employ OVAL-based vulnerability scanning for all managed Windows systems. Manage common endpoint configurations and confirm organizational compliance with easy-to-use, automated SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) scheduling and detailed reporting, for comprehensive vulnerability management.

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