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Endpoint Security Solutions

Simple and effective endpoint security for battling cybercrime

Cyber attacks are increasing across all industries, and cyber criminals are savvier than ever. Our endpoint security software makes it possible to automate imaging and deliver timely security patching using one of the largest industry patch libraries. Easily identify vulnerabilities to cybercrime with OVAL and SCAP scanning, and prevent malware infection or data theft by ensuring that every employee in your organization has the correct endpoint port and administration access.

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Nick the IT Ninja Battles Endpoint Cybercrime with KACE


Protect your endpoints from a wide range of threats, including unpatched operating systems and applications, out-of-date software and improper security configurations, all with our endpoint systems management solution.

Inventory and antivirus software distribution

Automate hardware and software inventory to gain greater network visibility so you can see which systems need anti-virus software installed. Reduce the burden on your IT staff by automatically carrying out software distributions and software upgrades to Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers across multiple locations. Easily integrate with Active Directory and/or LDAP to efficiently align software deployment with your organization’s structure and user schedules.

Comprehensive patch management and vulnerability scanning

Reduce infrastructure and resource costs by using a single patch management solution to ensure that your operating systems and leading third-party vendor applications are patched and up to date. Quickly discover vulnerabilities in your IT environment and identify systems that aren’t compliant with your security and configuration policies using powerful security audits. Employ Open Vulnerability and Assessment Language (OVAL) scanning for all managed Windows systems.

Access and privilege management

Reduce the risk of malware being downloaded and data leaving your business by ensuring that every employee in your organization has the correct endpoint port and administration access. Proactively provision and manage everything from Windows systems to secure endpoint devices, including USB ports. Run applications in a least-privileged environment to protect your data and centrally manage firewall settings and power consumption. Maintain the balance between security and user productivity while saving IT resources.

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