Expanded target support (MySQL/PostgreSQL) with SharePlex 10.1.2

Customers continue to adopt open-source database platforms as they work though digital transformation strategies.  To help support Oracle customers looking to take advantage of open-source alternatives, we are pleased to announce the release of SharePlex 10.1.2, with support for community and cloud vendor versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL. 

With rare exceptions, our customers that seek to reduce Oracle spend tell us that it is simply too difficult to do a complete rip and replace of Oracle.  Instead, we see the more pragmatic approach of leveraging alternative database platforms for new applications and aiming for co-existence with existing Oracle landscapes.  Two common open-source adoption patterns we see are: 1) customers replacing Oracle read-only/reporting instances with PostgreSQL, and 2) customers building new applications with MySQL and PostgreSQL databases that rely on information from an existing Oracle instance.  Of course, both of those scenarios require integration between the old Oracle and the new MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. 

We are ready to help you along in that part of your journey, with Quest SharePlex now offering support for community editions (on-premises or IaaS in Azure or AWS) and cloud vendor supplied editions (AWS Aurora, AWS RDS, Azure Database) of PostgreSQL and MySQL. 

If you have been following our releases over the past year, you might have noticed that the SharePlex team has been churning out new capabilities.  I am excited about the terrific work they have done, and the equally great things that I know are coming but cannot tell you about yet.  I speak for the entire (and outstanding) SharePlex team when I say that we are proud to be consistently told by our customers that SharePlex is enterprise grade, reliable, well-priced, simpler than the competition, has an incredible support team for the times they need assistance, and has a roadmap that matches their evolving needs.  If you are a customer already, thank you for that, and know that you can reach out to me if there is something I can assist you with.  If you are not yet a customer, I hope you will consider us as you move through your digital transformation.