Oracle to Oracle Initial load possible ?

Hello There,

We have 25TB of 12c Oracle Database on (sun solaris ) and our client wanted to move it to AWS ( Linux OS ). 

Can you please let me know how can we achieve this with minimal downtime with out setting up Datagaurd. 

Does Shareplex supports intial load like Oracle Goldengate do ? 

Is it possible to start Capture process only for 2 days ahead ? ( Thinking about to restore target DB with RMAN backup and keep export and post processes down until RMAN restoration is done )

Is it possible to start Capture process from particular Oracle SCN number ?  


  • A few questions here that might best be answered in a a conversation - we have a presentation that covers this specific use case (migration), that takes about an hour. If you'll give me your email and company name, I can get something set up (

    To answer your questions -

    Yes- SharePlex can be used to assist in a migration to AWS with near-zero downtime.    We actually leave the initial copy to something like RMAN or Oracle export/import but then can start the SharePlex processes at a specific SCN.    We recommend starting SharePlex replication BEFORE your copy, and letting SharePlex capture, read, export and import move the transactions to the target  (and keep them in our post queue on the target), that's usually faster than asking capture to read all of the old archive logs (and means you don't have to retain the archive logs).  After your (Oracle) import is complete, you can then "reconcile" post to the SCN from which you took your copy and proceed.

    Please let  me know if you'd like to schedule a call