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Database Cloud Migration

Fast, simple, reliable database cloud migration with no downtime and no data loss

Cloud migration is the process of moving your organization’s data and applications from your on-premises environment to a cloud-based service. Because cloud resources can be set up quickly and managed with minimal IT effort, it’s no wonder 63 percent of DBAs surveyed* say they plan to migrate to the cloud within the next two to three years.

Most organizations gradually migrate on-premises databases to the cloud because moving to the cloud all at once involves interruption and risk. But moving the system while it is not in use is not an option for many businesses. SharePlex offers a reliable way to safely migrate to the cloud and supports organizations that cannot schedule downtime. It enables users to access up-to-the-second data while migrating to the cloud.

*2017 IOUG Database replication survey


Simplify your journey to the cloud. Reduce latency from source data¬base to target database. Put control over the migration into the hands of your IT managers and DBAs. Ensure high availability and business continuity with no impact to mission-critical operations to and from the cloud – no downtime; no data loss.

Cloud migration

Shareplex is compatible with many common DBaaS targets in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. No special setup is needed and it’s easy to replicate your on-premises Oracle database to the cloud while allowing your daily processes to continue uninterrupted. You can also ensure data integrity when you can replicate back from the cloud to your on-premises data warehouse with no downtime and no data loss.

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