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Database Cloud Migration

Fast, simple, reliable database cloud migration with no downtime or data loss. Cloud migration is the process of moving your organization’s data and applications from your on-premises environment to a cloud service. Because cloud resources can be set up quickly and managed with minimal IT effort, it’s no wonder that 53% of data managers surveyed* plan to expand their use of public cloud-based data resources and platforms over the coming year.

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Any database migration is inherently risky. But what if you could migrate your Oracle databases to the cloud with no downtime and zero data loss? What if you could benchmark database performance both on-premises and in the cloud to ensure you select the right cloud service level? And, what if you could monitor and manage all your databases regardless of platform or location?

Quest database management solutions help you safely move your Oracle databases to the cloud, rightsize your cloud service, monitor all your databases and provide ongoing management and maintenance.

*2018 IOUG/Unisphere/AWS “Databases in the Cloud”survey


Downtime and Data Loss


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Simplify your journey to the cloud and reduce business risk and cost. Place control over the migration into the hands of your IT managers and DBAs. Ensure they have the right tools to move your data safely, and to test and monitor database performance in the cloud. Achieve high availability and business continuity with no impact to mission-critical operations – no downtime or data loss.
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

SharePlex is compatible with many common IaaS targets in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. No special setup is needed and it’s easy to replicate your on-premises Oracle database to the cloud while allowing your daily processes to continue uninterrupted.

  • Low cost
  • Simplicity
  • Analytics support
  • Data accuracy
  • Award-winning support
Cloud Database Monitoring

Cloud Database Monitoring

Ensure consistent 24x7 database monitoring across all your cloud databases and those in your data center. Foglight for Databases maximizes database performance by highlighting bottlenecks and, once resolved, helps reduce your cloud service subscription bills.

  • Multi-platform dashboard with notifications
  • Performance baseline deviation alarms
  • Change tracking analysis
  • Multi-dimensional workload analysis
  • Long-term historical analysis
Cloud Database Management

Cloud Database Management

Improve DBA productivity and effectiveness across all your database platforms and make database changes with confidence. Quest tools simplify database management across a broad range of platforms, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more – both on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Streamlined, efficient workflow
  • Task automation
  • Granular coverage for each database platform
  • Advanced SQL optimization
  • Performance testing
  • Real-time performance diagnostics
  • Sensitive data discovery and protection

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SharePlex - Database replication software for high availability, scalability, and interoperability

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Foglight for Oracle

Manage, diagnose and optimize Oracle database performance, on premises and in the cloud.

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Foglight for SQL Server

Ensure the health of your SQL Server databases with comprehensive performance monitoring

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Foglight for SAP ASE

Resolve issues faster with continuous, scalable, web-based Sybase database monitoring.

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Foglight for DB2

Provide scalable, intelligent, web-based monitoring 24x7 with ease

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Toad for IBM DB2

Improve and accelerate daily development and administrative tasks on Linux, Unix and Windows

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So what we do is we leverage SharePlex in our situation and we can actually do a zero downtime migration to Oracle Cloud. And that's what we specialize on.

Charles Kim CEO, Viscosity

Quest Software

Performance management correlates with cost management. If you can halve the execution time for a particular query that runs all the time, you’ve just halved your costs. And this is particularly true now in the cloud, where people are being charged by the minute to run workloads.

Patrick O’Keeffe Executive Director Software Engineering, Quest Software Read Case Study

Fintech firm

The biggest impact would have been the financial penalties for not hitting certain deadlines in the acquisition agreement, so we had to migrate within very tight windows.

Vice President of Database Administration, Fintech firm Read Case Study

Award-winning database management solutions

SharePlex has been named a Trend-Setting Product in Data and Information Management for 2023 by DBTA. SharePlex was named “Best Change Data Capture (CDC) Solution” in 2021 and selected as a finalist in 2022 in the DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards.
DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards


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