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High-availability, cost-effective database replication and integration

Database replication integrates multiple databases across an organization, simplifies cloud migration, protects critical data and keeps data continuously up-to-date for real-time data analysis, reporting and disaster protection.

Enterprises today maintain multiple platforms and databases, both on-premises and in the cloud, to support business-critical operations, applications and analytics across finance, CRM, e-commerce and more. These critical functions demand high availability, low latency and disaster-readiness from associated databases. Enabling data access across heterogeneous environments while replicating — or copying — live production data to reporting databases for complex business processes is one way to ensure business agility now and in the future.

Our industry-leading database replication solution enables you to efficiently replicate data where you need it most. Relax. Whether you’re replicating a production database or integrating data onto other databases or migrating your databases to the cloud, you’re covered with unrivaled reliability backed by award-winning 24/7 support.

SharePlex: database replication for any environment


Achieve near-real time database replication. Simplify cloud migrations. Improve availability, disaster recovery, reporting, analytics and more with SharePlex.

Oracle database replication

Using Oracle enterprise edition or standard edition databases to power critical applications? Replicate your data with SharePlex for Oracle using a patented redo log parsing mechanism to replicate change data into a multitude of database environments with high availability, scalability — and expanded possibility.

SQL Server database replication

If your organization is powered by SQL Server–based applications, SharePlex for SQL Server simplifies data replication, improves performance and expands your database possibilities to the cloud.

Postgres database replication

If the freedom of open-source relational database tools are your game, use SharePlex for Postgres to easily and cost-effectively replicate data to Postgres with near-zero downtime to your operational databases.

SAP HANA database replication

Use SharePlex to efficiently and reliably replicate from the SAP HANA in-memory relational database.

Oracle for AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps you leverage the cloud in order to decrease IT costs and scale key workloads. SharePlex for Oracle on AWS supports your organization’s journey to the cloud with fast, reliable cloud migrations. With Shareplex for Oracle on AWS it’s easy to replicate your on-premises Oracle database to the AWS database while allowing your daily operational processes to continue uninterrupted - no downtime and no data loss.

Tibero database replication

Use SharePlex to reliably and effectively replicate to Tibero.

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