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Virtualization management

Optimize performance and improve capacity planning

Accelerate, protect and improve performance of your entire virtual infrastructure and be certain you can recover your environment in minutes without impacting users. Quest virtualization management solutions provide end-to-everything visibility across performance monitoring, availability, optimization and capacity planning – all with automation to simplify your daily tasks. Reduce costs and increase efficiency while getting unmatched visibility into the virtual machines in your environment.

Virtualization management

Virtualization management


Proactively manage, optimize and protect virtual environments while vastly accelerating the performance or your entire virtual infrastructure.

Virtualization Management

Go beyond simple virtual server management and begin proactively managing your entire virtual infrastructure stack to maximize performance, reduce risk, and reduce costs. Automatically monitor and protect your environment while accelerating VM performance and maximizing data availability. Optimize VM density, including vCPU, vMemory and guest storage. Create virtual standby machines and DRaaS in Azure in just a few clicks.

Virtualization Performance and Capacity Management

Deliver the performance your business needs, and automate management of your virtual environment without adding complexity to your VMware or Hyper-V platforms. Our solutions offer the broadest, in-depth heterogeneous support for VMware and Hyper-V, making it easier for you to optimize the configuration, performance and utilization of your storage, hypervisors and guest virtual machines, as well as the applications running on them.

Virtual server protection

Recover your virtual server environment in minutes without impacting users. Our solutions protect the entire VM (including servers, apps and data) and enable you to scale backup and restore capabilities. Easily conduct high-speed backups and rapidly recover VMs, both on and off-premises, without disrupting your production systems. Achieve 5-minute RPOs and under 15 minute RTOs to address demanding business-driven service level agreements (SLAs).

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