• Change computer name of Spotlight Diagnostic server?

    Are there any problems if I change the name and IP of a diagnostic server?

    I'm following the instructions on this page to migrate the connections and works good in my test environment https://help.spotlightessentials.com/enterprise_backend_ds_migr…

  • consolidating spotlight servers

    Hello, we have three data centres spread thousand of miles apart. Site A runs the diagnostic server and SQL instance. Site B and Site C are federated sites.

    I want to swap site A and C's roles so that the diagnostic server and database are moved to Site…

  • Spotlight Connection Errors

    For the past week.  Overnight at about 00:00 - 01:00 at a certain time Spotlight throws up many errors when trying to connect to the monitored servers, errors such as:

    Cannot connect to SQL Server instance '########' : A transport-level error has occurred…

  • New user set up

    Hi there,

    I'm having problems to add a new user to Spotlight for SQL Server Enterprise. I was given a new account by IT as my current account will expire, I've added the new one under the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators Windows Group, but I…

  • Pull logical reads SP's

    Hi ,

    I need to pull data from Spotlight repository like what gets displayed in 'Workload analysis page' ( sorted by Logical reads , CPU ) and store it somewhere for custom reporting . 

    Can someone please provide the query to get this info ? 


  • Spotlight Playback Playback error [Connection Error]


    I have installed the diagnostic server - spotlight playback on the same server as the database and the Spotlight installation. I am receiving the below error:

    High Diagnostic Server - Spotlight Playback Playback error [Connection Error]: Connecting…

  • Spotlight - Support TLS v1.2

    Does Spotlight support TLS v1.2 connections to SQL Server?   Are there specifics that should be known about configuring the Diagnostic servers?

    In the scenario that TLS v1 and v1.1 have been disabled on your monitored server(s). 




    Alarm: Monitored Server…

  • Change to SQL User

    The diagnostic Server was installed with a SQL login, not a Windows one. 

    That SQL now login has to have its password updated.

    How do I update the Diagnostic Server with the new password?

    Do I have to fully re-install it?