Support for vCenter Server Appliance with vRanger 7.6

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Will the new version of vRanger support the VMware VCSA 6.5?



  • Hi All,

    I know you've been anxious to hear more about when Quest will have a replacement for the vRanger 7.6 release. We appreciate your patience as we worked out the details of how to deliver a high quality release to you.

    We have a definite release plan at this time. If you would like more information about when we can deliver this release to you, please contact Support for further assistance.

  • resh installation of vRanger 7.6 on Windows 2008 R2.  When starting up the application, received "Connection to service failed.  Could not connect to service."  Anyone has the same problem?  ***Information has been Flagged as Spam and has been Deleted. if you feel that the information deleted is not Spam please contact us or Reply to the Private message Sent. ****

    In windows services, following services are started:

    • Dell vRanger API Service
    • Dell vRanger Catalog Service
    • Dell vRanger File Level Restore Service
    • Dell vRanger Service
    • SQL Server (VRANGERPRO)
  • Hello, 

    Whenever the services are started and the UI cannot connect to it, it should log a message under Event Viewer -> Application and Services -> vRanger Service. Can you share this message in order to guide you through a resolution?

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