• Netzwerk Performance Problem with Virtual Appliance

    Hi, we have network performance problems with the VA's in version v7.8.1.8 and v7.8.2.9.

    Backup tasks via Windows Server 2019 VM run twice as fast as via the Linux VA's from Quest.
    The difference in performance can be seen very clearly in the data…

  • ++ vRanger not enough disc space - adjust file scan++


    we are saving in vRanger to a repository/volme with 2.8TB of free space. Unfortunately a job failes with the message seen below.
    It is about a volume of a server with a capacity of 3.6TB but it is no data on it. How can I setup vRanger to…

  • vRanger 7.6.6 vSphere 6.7

    I am getting what appears to be an old error when using a new install of vRanger 7.6.6 (new DB).

    I am unable to restore any VM with a CD-ROM attached via a SATA Controller with the following error:

    Error: API Call failed with message: Invalid configuration…

  • Repositories replication vRanger

    Hi all

    We have two repositories:
    DR-4100-1 in site 01 and DR4100-2 in Site 02.

    My schedule repository syncronization in vRanger occurer every day at 05:00 AM.

    But in Job detail, this issue appear


    [2018-07-03 05:00:32.338]: ---------------------…

  • License Question



    I am a home user on a budget and am looking to understand license options for my small lab. (vRanger 7)


    I am looking to backup ~20VM's across 2 ESX(Essentials) Hosts - how many licenses would I need to cover this?


    If I go for the 1YR license with…

  • vRanger 7.6.3 Release

    Hello Folks,

    Quest vRanger 7.6.3 will GA and be available for download this Monday the 16th. vRanger 7.6.3 adds the following:

    • Microsoft Server 2016 Support
    • Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 Support
    • VMware vSphere /ESXi 6.5  Support
    • Microsoft SCVMM 2016 Support
  • Error : 2319 - RETRY timedout operation timed out [at timeout_thread:470]

    After upgrading to 7.6 from 7.5.1 backup work but replication fails at all time with all VMs.

    Error : 2319 - RETRY timedout operation timed out [at timeout_thread:470]

    What i noticed so far is the snapshot occured on the selected VM and his replicate…

  • ++ Script for cleaning up repository ++


    since there is no automatic repository cleanup function in vRanger, I am looking for a script which deletes all backups excepting one full backup and the last differential backup.

    kind regards