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I have installed Archive Manager 5.7 on Windows server 2016 64 bit. I see lots of RAM getting used on the system (80% most of the time). I have few questions

1. How to verify whether bit version of Archive Manager installed is 32 or 64 bit

2. Can i install a 32 bit Archive Manager 5.7 on Windows server 2016 64 bit? even if it gets installed, will it work?

3. What version of IFilter i need to install for AM 5.7 32 bit with Outlook O365 Pro-Plus 32 bit

4. Will adobe 64 bit Ifilter work with 32 bit AM 5.7 even if Adobe Reader i installed is 32 bit

I have gone though the article to install AM 5.7 but there is no specific mention about bit version of OS in pre-requisites.

I've completed the installation (i actually migrated the AM 5.7 from a physical machine on windows server 2008 to a Virtual Machine running Windows server 2016 64 bit OS). I wasn;t able to involve the experts from AM even though i have proper license of the software. I am getting few errors in Data loader logs

13:46:18 DEBUG: END WalkJournalMessage() - result -2147467259
13:46:18 DEBUG: END BLFAILEDMESSAGE::Insert() - result 0
13:46:18 DEBUG: END BLFAILEDMESSAGE::Next() - result 0
13:46:18 DEBUG: calling GetProps for property 0E1B000B
13:46:18 DEBUG: BEGIN WalkJournalMessage(Re: [Tc] PLMXML_export item and all revisions) in folder 'Inbox'
13:46:18 ERROR: Unable to get message checksums:
13:46:18 IEmailPart2.get_PurportedCheckSum
13:46:18 Error 0x80070057

  • It's a bit late but I will add an answer.

    1. There is only one installation of Archive Manager (there isn't a 32-bit and 64-bit version).

    2. Yes

    3. The iFilter as recommended in the release notes for 5.7 which is PDF Filter 64 11.0.01. Even though Archive Manager is a 32-bit installation, I believe the FTI part may be 64-bit or at least will work with Adobe IFilter 64.

    4. You should have one or the other installed on the AM server, not both.

    Quest Support do not offer services for free. They will offer Professional Services though.

  • Thanks for replying to this post. Really means a lot to me. 

    The only thing i am not sure now is will Outlook O365 pro plus 32 bit work with AM 5.7, i mean is it compatible?

    Also from my last post i am unable to find any resolution on AM threads and KB's for this error:

    ERROR: Unable to get message checksums:
    Error 0x80070057

     Any hint?

  • Hi Sharmaashish, 

    The checksum error has been fixed in 5.8, basically the ESMWorker crashes when calculates the header checksum of the message. Please upgrade to 5.8 when you have a chance. 

    Here's the link for the release notes. You can find the detail on Page 2 of the release notes. 

    Archive Manager - Technical Documentation (

    ESMWorker crashes when calculating header checksum.  Issue ID: 184162

    Let us know if this helps. If after the upgrade the issue still persists, please don't hesitate to open a case with support.  

  • I have upgrded the AM 5.7 to 5.8 today and since then the export and other folders are not getting updated at all. I see below error in event veiwer:

    NOTE: i have exchange 2016 cu18 in my environment. I have installed office 365 pro-plus 32 bit on the AM services server and PDF ifilter 11.0


    2021-03-18 12:49:01,292 [9] ERROR DataLoader - {{3e990801-35ce-4f39-b8e8-0c027949e0ac}} Failed to process MAPI
    Quest.AM.MAPI.ProfileMaker.MAPIProviderNotSupportException: MAPI provider unsupported.
    Supported MAPI providers include:
    (a) MAPI CDO 6.5.8320.0 and later versions: supports Exchange 2013 and 2010;
    (b) Outlook 2019, and 2013: supports Exchange Online, Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010.
    NOTE: Exchange Online requires Outlook 2013 SP1 (with KB3114941 and KB4022169 installed) when working with Outlook 2013.

    at Quest.AM.MAPI.ProfileMaker.MAPIProviderExtension.Check(MAPIProvider provider)
    at Quest.AM.MAPI.ProfileMaker.ProfileMaker.PrepareMAPIProviderConfig()
    at Quest.AM.DataLoader.DataLoader.ProcessMAPIMailNew()

  • Do you have Outlook 2013 SP1 installed with KB3114941 and KB4022169?

    You should really be asking Quest Support if you haven't got it working for a long time.

  • I used  Outlook O365 pro-plus 32 bit for AM 5.7 and it worked fine. Now its nowt working after upgrading to AM 5.8. I will install outlook 2013 32 bit but as per the release notes and article for upgrade to AM 5.8 it mentions not to install KB3114941 and KB4022169?.

    Yes i have created a support ticket with AM just a few hours ago. 

    This all started today alter I upgraded to AM 5.8 from AM 5.7 on the recommendation of AM guys.

  • You should check the release notes again. You MUST install SP1 AND both KB3114941 and KB4022169.

    It says to NOT install KB3114816

  • Am sorry you are right. You got it working :) 

    I just want to make this noticeable that Outlook O365 pro plus works with AM 5.7 but after upgrading to AM 5.8 we have to downgrade to Outlook 2013 32 bith with SP1 and with the KB' s mentioned by you and on released notes 

  • did you get it working ? i have the same issue. appreciate if you could share the solution