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I have installed Archive Manager 5.7 on Windows server 2016 64 bit. I see lots of RAM getting used on the system (80% most of the time). I have few questions

1. How to verify whether bit version of Archive Manager installed is 32 or 64 bit

2. Can i install a 32 bit Archive Manager 5.7 on Windows server 2016 64 bit? even if it gets installed, will it work?

3. What version of IFilter i need to install for AM 5.7 32 bit with Outlook O365 Pro-Plus 32 bit

4. Will adobe 64 bit Ifilter work with 32 bit AM 5.7 even if Adobe Reader i installed is 32 bit

I have gone though the article to install AM 5.7 but there is no specific mention about bit version of OS in pre-requisites.

I've completed the installation (i actually migrated the AM 5.7 from a physical machine on windows server 2008 to a Virtual Machine running Windows server 2016 64 bit OS). I wasn;t able to involve the experts from AM even though i have proper license of the software. I am getting few errors in Data loader logs

13:46:18 DEBUG: END WalkJournalMessage() - result -2147467259
13:46:18 DEBUG: END BLFAILEDMESSAGE::Insert() - result 0
13:46:18 DEBUG: END BLFAILEDMESSAGE::Next() - result 0
13:46:18 DEBUG: calling GetProps for property 0E1B000B
13:46:18 DEBUG: BEGIN WalkJournalMessage(Re: [Tc] PLMXML_export item and all revisions) in folder 'Inbox'
13:46:18 ERROR: Unable to get message checksums:
13:46:18 IEmailPart2.get_PurportedCheckSum
13:46:18 Error 0x80070057

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