Are you an Accidental DBA? Quest has you covered!

Accidental DBA?  What’s that?

Are you an Oracle DBA?  Have you been asked to manage PostgreSQL or SQL Server databases?

Or maybe you’re a SQL Server DBA now assigned to manage “that one Oracle database that supports a mission-critical application?”

Are you a developer who’s been asked to manage the database you’re developing?

Have you been assigned a project to “migrate all our databases to the cloud?”

Learning any new skill or environment takes time. Tools you use on one database may not work on another database. The databases may run on different hardware or operating systems, or they may store data differently. You may be a whiz at tuning PostgreSQL databases, but you’ll still face a learning curve with Oracle databases. Even SQL itself is subtly different from one database to another.

Cross-platform tools from Quest

Quest tools are designed to support heterogenous environments. We’re always looking toward the future to help you stay current.

Here are some areas where you can use Quest tools across platforms, all with the interfaces and behavior you know today.

Database and Data Management – Toad®

Several products in our Toad family are ready to help you move seamlessly between platforms.

Toad Data Point

Toad Data Point is designed for the DBA or data analyst who needs to move data between different databases and automate the process. You can use Toad Data Point to analyze database schemas and generate new schemas for a different database. It’s designed for data integration, to bring data together from many different sources.

Toad Data Studio

Toad Data Studio makes viewing and analyzing data in two or more databases fast and easy. Data engineers can quickly explore data across multiple platforms and drill into each one as required.

Toad Data Modeler

With Toad Data Modeler you can visualize and analyze the structure of your databases and create logical models. You can then transform them into physical models and schemas for different databases.

Data Management – erwin

The erwin suite of tools includes erwin Data Modeler, erwin Data Intelligence, erwin Data Catalog and erwin Data Marketplace. They are all designed to operate across platforms, facilitating the development of your organization’s data governance initiatives.

Database Performance – Benchmark Factory® for Databases

With Benchmark Factory for Databases you can evaluate different databases using industry-standard benchmarks like TPC-C. You can also capture SQL workload on one database, review and change it as required, and then execute that SQL on a different database. Either way, you’ll be able to evaluate performance differences between platforms and make informed decisions.

Database Performance – Foglight®

Our flagship product for managing your database performance is Foglight for Databases. Foglight has had cross-platform capabilities for years and we regularly evaluate and add new platforms. We now offer Foglight Cloud, which runs in a cloud environment; you don’t need to dedicate scarce and expensive hardware resources to manage your environments. You can easily assess the health of all your databases on a single screen and drill down using the same user interface regardless of database.

Data Movement – SharePlex®

For large-scale, mission-critical data movement and database migrations, SharePlex is the tool of choice. SharePlex now supports fully bidirectional data replication of Oracle databases and PostgreSQL databases, and replication between Oracle and PostgreSQL databases with built-in conflict resolution. SharePlex is designed to reduce downtime and risk in both one-time migrations and in full-time, continuous replication.

Quest has your back!

Quest expertise and tools can help make your cross-platform work easier and less intimidating.

Please watch this space for details and news about each of the products I’ve described above, including tips on how you can use Quest tools to simplify database migration. Visit us at for more information and to contact us.

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