Managing an endpoint environment in education? Here’s a deal for you!

Endpoint management has gotten crazy for every IT department. You could say that some sectors are more challenged, however, because they must manage and protect the same complexity of endpoints and IT infrastructures but with more limited resources.

Take education, for example. IT departments in school districts, colleges and universities face multiple challenges because of the proliferation of technology endpoints, from servers to Windows-based computers, Mac-based computers, Chromebooks, mobile devices and a wide array of connected, noncomputer devices. They are tasked with managing and securing these diverse endpoints within the context of a complex, budget-strapped and time-limited education IT environment.

Most IT folks in education environments work long hours during the summer months to get everything upgraded, patched and secured before each new school year begins. It’s often a scramble.

Having one solution to help keep track of everything is critical. The Quest unified endpoint management solution (UEM), including the KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA) and the KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA), offers a proactive, unified approach to endpoint security and management.

KACE SMA enables you to automate complex administrative tasks, making it possible for you to inventory all hardware and software, patch mission-critical applications and OSs, and reduce the risk of a security breach. KACE SDA lets you quickly and easily automate large-scale system deployments while simplifying migrations of multiple operating systems.

From a single console, admins can clearly see what devices are connecting to campus or district networks and which ones need upgrades and patches. With KACE, IT departments can:

  • Remove the complexity and cost of managing their existing infrastructure.
  • Get complete visibility and control over all their endpoints to safeguard their networks.
  • Keep track of software licenses and security regulation requirements.

Do you dream of reducing the complexity of your campus or district endpoint environment? We’re making that dream possible with special education pricing to give you and your team room to grow as your educational institution’s headcount increases. Regardless of whether you need to manage 5,000 or 15,000 endpoints, the cost to you remains the same.

Want to learn more about how KACE can streamline your endpoint challenges on campus or across the school district? Read our Unified Endpoint Management for Education white paper.

Download white paper

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