Your Ticket to the IT Dance: The Endpoint Compliance Two-Step [New Paper]

Who says IT administrators can’t dance? It turns out that IT asset management and compliance boils down to a two-step, which almost anybody can do.

Sure, there’s a difference in style between the quick-quick-slow-slow of country and the left-come-together-right-come-together of hip-hop. But they’re both two-steps, and as surely as you can pick one and hold the beat, you can manage all the endpoints (devices) in your organization.

The two-step of endpoint compliance

In fact, we’ve rolled the software license management, hardware asset management, patching and compliance into a new paper called 2 Steps to Achieve Endpoint Compliance with KACE®. In it, you’ll see our methodical, two-step approach to bringing all of your endpoints into compliance with Quest® KACE tools:

  • KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA)
  • KACE Systems Deployment Appliance (SDA)
  • KACE Cloud Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • KACE Asset Management Appliance (AMA)
  • KACE Desktop Authority (DA)
  • KACE Privilege Manager (PM)

You’ll benefit from the two-step approach whether you’re dealing with external requirements like GDPR compliance, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI or FITARA, or your own internal needs for licensing and network security.

Step 1: Maintain software compliance for licenses and hardware

For compliance, you must know exactly which devices are connected to your network and which applications are running on each device. The KACE SMA and the KACE AMA include asset management software features for the full software inventory that becomes your starting point. They save you money by monitoring your software utilization on every endpoint, so that you’re neither liable for fines for overutilizing software nor wasting IT budget by underutilizing software.

Software audit coming up? Choose from any of the 180 out-of-the-box reports in the KACE SMA and the KACE AMA. You can demonstrate to the auditors that your organization is secure and compliant and confidently address their software asset management questions.

Do you know the status of all your hardware? Which endpoints are obsolete and ready for retirement? The KACE SMA and the KACE AMA are made for hardware asset management, including warranty coverage and long-term archiving of asset records.

Step 2: Adhere to compliance regulations for data protection and security

You can’t protect what you can’t find. With automated network discovery in the KACE SMA you can take inventory of all connected devices. Once you’ve identified all your endpoints, you can take the first steps toward protecting them.

Automate security and OS patching with the KACE SMA not only to protect your organization from exploits but also to demonstrate to auditors that your endpoint security strategy is sound. And, if a vulnerability is discovered, you can use KACE to quarantine an individual computer, device or group of endpoints.

Other than the desktop, you can rely on the KACE Cloud MDM for enrolling mobile devices on your network and maintaining a full inventory of them. KACE Cloud MDM extends asset management to your mobile endpoints.

Who has access to what? And should they have it? To keep the wrong people from accessing sensitive information, KACE PM eliminates the need for local administrator access on desktops while leaving users with the rights they need. And for users with a legitimate need for admin privileges, KACE PM performs security audits on administrative accounts.

Your next (two-)step

That’s the Endpoint Compliance Two-Step — the KACE approach to tracking all of your endpoints and ensuring that each one meets your compliance requirements. Download 2 Steps to Achieve Endpoint Compliance with KACE and see how easy it is to implement tools that will ensure the compliance of all your endpoints.

KACE may not be your ticket to “Dancing with the Stars,” but it will help you get home from the office in time to watch it more often.

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