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Certain newer model HP Drivers require admin credentials and UAC acceptance.

We've done some PC and printer refreshes and noticed that the first time logging into a system sometimes the Printer element correctly attaches the printer but the HP Universal Print Driver will halt the login process until a user clicks through the UAC prompt and then has an IT administrator enter administrative credentials for the driver to install.

This only happens one time on a brand new PC just to get the driver installed.  I guess the workaround would be that an IT admin install these drivers before issuing the PC to the end users.  But is this something people just deal with, or is it an HP thing?

  • We have run into a similar problem. While a person logging in does not get a UAC prompt, The HP Universal drivers have some kind of delay or timeout that prevents quick installation. We typically see 2 minute and many times get 10 minute logins, we call them the "black screen of death" (a completely black screen that eventually goes away.) A check of the log always shows the printer mapping as the delay. Unfortunately our model is shared computers so on any given day most students will log into a laptop for the first time (with predictable results.)

    We have put quite a bit of effort into trying to come up with a solution without success. We are currently looking at abandoning the universal drivers and going back to individual ones for each printer model. It will be a nightmare (we have over 150 printer rules) but the hope is that they will install better, or at least limit the impact if a single driver still causes the problem.
  • Hello sauerk,

    butlerm is correct, Universal Drivers, because they are a one size fits all solution usually have more issues than drivers built specifically for a printer. However, this specific issue you are seeing with the UAC prompts may be an issue with Point and Print restrictions. Are you receiving a popup asking the user “Do you trust this printer?”

    A security update was added to Windows that resolves vulnerabilities with the print spooler components. Because of this security update new restrictions have been placed on how printer drivers are installed. We changed the way Desktop Authority maps printers in Version 9.0 and above so that we can account for the possible issues that this security update would cause.

    • If you are not on a current version then you can download the current version of Desktop Authority here.
    • If you are on the current version of Desktop Authority and there is still an issue then try adding the Print Server to a list of "Approved Servers". 
      More information on this Group Policy can be found at:
      How to use Group Policy settings to control printers in Active Directory - "Package Point and print - Approved servers"

  • Hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL and selecting task manager will rid you of the black screen and allow you to click the install warning without waiting for the 2 minute time out. We commonly have the issue as well when we deploy new machines, so our guys jump out of the black screen and hit install to speed things along. Not an idea solution for end users, but it does help.