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Computer beeps 4 times when I turn it on, red light and then doesn't work at all.

I have a quest mid-tower gaming case desktop, and turning it on this morning, it beeped like it does usually as a sign it's on, but then it beeped one time long and 3 times shortly. Then a red light on the front fascia blinks or stays, and the computer doesn't work at all. What can I Do?

  • This sound code changes according to BIOS manufacturer.

    On AMI BIOS, this sound code means Conventional/Extended memory failure, if new memory was added to computer, you can try removing the new memory module or just check if memory modules are firmly set in board, you may try to swap the modules as well.

    On AWARD or Dell BIOS, this sound code means no video card detected or bad video card.

    I hope this helps and I suggest you visiting hardware discussion forums to get more specific information about this behavior.


  • Dear it's not a problem, you need to change your setting, my brand new laptop was also doing like this, in fact, I bought it six months ago from Reecoupons, in the start, I dont understand whats a matter than I change my setting and my problem is sorted out.