New Release - KACE Desktop Authority Full Build Update

The following is a list of issues resolved in version 

DA Manager

  • Enhancement to allow the Manager to disallow more than one login session from the same user. This functionality can be optionally enabled or disabled.
  • Fixed SmWinService SQL error on German Windows.
  • Updated NLA global option checkbox to be 3-state and default to “leave alone”.

Expert Assist

  • Fixed issue with EA blank screen option not blanking screen on RM clients with physical displays.
  • Fixed issue with Java not launching properly when launching a Remote Control session using an account with a space in username.
  • Fixed issue with Java Launcher OpenJDK download dialog being hidden.

DA Installer

  • Fixed issue in Desktop Authority installer to inspect and unblock files blocked by Microsoft Attachment Manager.

DA Client

  • Fixed issue with File Operations object giving permission error when attempting to copy files to C:\.
  • Fixed issue with trial license intermittently showing as expired.
  • Fixed issue with 2008/2008R2 Terminal Server client connections getting wrong folder redirection settings under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed issue with Web Browser object crashing engine with specific settings enabled.
  • Fixed issue with Web Browser object not locking down managed settings.


  • Fixed issue with date picker on User Activity reports.

Full Release Notes and Download can be found HERE.