ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while "executing SLStart". at log on

We've been seeing this error more freqently and in fact I can recreate it on demand on my desktop computer by simply restarting the machine and logging in.

Dialog box is titled ScriptLogic Notice

ScriptLogic has encountered a critical error while "executing SLStart".

There is simply an "OK" button.

This is on top of a black desktop that has our startup graphic behind the scenes (you would see the startup graphic more prominantly back in the Windows 7 and XP days - but normally Windows 10 covers this up until the desktop is available).

Looks like the login script started but it does not complete. There are no mapped drives.  Even a partially executed logon script is not copied to our DA server sltrace$ share for review.  If I manually run the script after dismissing this message, the login script completes successfully and I have my mapped drives.


We are on DA

Windows 10 1909 OS Build 18363.693

We've had a few calls for this issue.  My machine does it, and at least 3 other machines that we know of do it consistently.  There may be others that do it randomly.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!