JellyBean Custom Dashboard with Hosts Health

Hi all

I'd like to suggest you the recipe for creating jellybean (or spinner) dashboard based on cartridge from Brian Wheeldon. In his post he provides cartridge with dasboard like the image below: 


Unfortunately, I couldn't install those cartridge because of errors during enabling. I had to used to mother wit and reverse engeneering. Well, in this thread I will tell you about manual settings which you should do for realizing Brian's cartridge features.

Firstly, go to Configuration -> Definitions and add new definition. For example, All Hosts. Go to this definition and change value to Functions from Drop-down menu. Then push to "plus" button and make settings like the screenshot below:

Further, you should create query for selecting all hosts. From drop-down menu go to queries and push to "plus" button. See image below:

If you don't need to select all hosts, you can add some conditions with particular values. See below:

And the last stuff what you should specify are views. You need create 2 views - one for solitary object and one with iterations features. Let's start from one to many. Change drop-down meny to Views and push to "plus" button and create blank view with Metric -> Metric Indicator (or Spinner or something else as well)

Further fill General, Context and Configuration tabs as it described below

The next step is the creating of Iteration view. The main purprose of this veiw is reiteration of what you created on previous step. Push to "plus" button and create blank view with Other Containers -> Iterator:

Further fill General, Context, Configuration and Flow tabs as described below:

Thank for your attention. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me