• simple question -- how do I generate a report from dashboard based on 'tag' and output to a spreadsheet?

    Hi all,

    I'd like to generate a simple report (based on filtered dashboard) based on 'tag' 

    The report output is in a spreadsheet, for further filtering as needed 

  • How to create a report/dashboard with multiple databases and user defined collection data in Foglight

    I'm trying to create a report/dashboard with multiple databases that shows the user defined collection data. I created a User Defined Collection on each Database. Now I'd like to create a simple report/dashboard with these columns:

    Database Name…

  • Track and identify Highest/ top Table wise activities

    HI Friends,

    My Requirements is to generate custom report - Track or Identify Highest / Top Activities on Table wise in database.

    presently i am using this requirement for Oracle.


  • How do you deal with delegating foglight access in your organization?

    We have recently migrated from Quest's Spotlight (for databases) to Foglight (for databases).

    In doing so we have run into a few challenges: The most important of which for us is delegating (non administrative) access.

    Spotlight had a fairly mature…

  • quest foglight sql and Windows 2022 support

    We have some SQL instances living on Windows Server 2022, which was released on August 18, 2021
    We are on latest releases; foglight

    I cant get the OS host to work with this so only get SQL information, no OS and hence also no vmware information…

  • User Defined Collection Not Showing Up

    Attempting to add a UDC on different SQL servers spanning different versions and the query itself will verify correctly, I have set the key and all the types but it still will not appear in the UDC Overview screen.

    The closest error I can find is:


  • Rest API import package error


    I am getting an error when I compile the REST API code in the script console using the Forge-RestAPI cartridge. The error is when I import certain packages e.g.

    import javax.ws.rs.*;
    import javax.ws.rs.core.*;
    import javax.ws.rs.container.*;

  • Custom REST API - Add/Remove SQL instance


    I have created a custom rest api to add a SQL instance to Foglight. I am doing a post call and within the api code are the internal function function calls that work on the installer. I am hitting a few hurdles on the way and seek some help if po…

  • How difficult would it be to obtain a zip of all the Foglight Skills 101 slide decks?

    I know that Tim or Darren state in the videos you could email them for a slide deck, but it would be quite helpful if this was available at a one-stop location or file so one could easily download them all at once. Is there any way to get all these aside…

  • Is it possible to run SQL Server/ Oracle DB reports simultaneously for multiple DB instances rather then running for individual instances?

    Customer has large DB setup more then 75 Oracle & SQL Server instances, they want to execute health check up and other reports simultaneously for multiple instances rather then running the reports for individual DB instances which is very time consuming…

  • Why does a newly copied Rule with a different name not show up in any of the Alarms Settings?

    We are trying to configure a basic set of 10 Rules that we'd like to use to begin with but are having trouble with the new Rule showing up anywhere that it could be applied.

    I'm hoping we just aren't doing something correctly. 

    Everywhere we…

  • Is there a Slack channel that Quest or Users frequent for Foglight discussion?

    Is there a Slack channel that Quest or Users frequent for Foglight discussion? It would be handy it seems.

  • Is it possible to customize Sensitivity Levels to make them more useful?

    We are the beginning stages of setting the application up as we desire, but there's something a bit frustrating as I mentioned in a reply here: (+) Enable alarms by database group - Forum - Foglight - Quest Community

    While the product ships with 4…

  • Can't create agent mysql

    Hi, Can anybody help me to understand how to fix an issue? I can't create agent mysql (foglight v.5.9.5 free trial)

    log fie agent >>

    2020-08-13 11:48:40.910 VERBOSE [FglAM:RestoreAgent[20]-6] com.quest.glue.core.agent.AgentInstance - Starting…

  • Foglight Database Expansion Pack(6.0.1) supports New version of Foglihgt 5.9.5


    presently i am using 5.9.3 FMS version and DB Expansion pack 6.0.1, planning to upgrade latest version 5.9.5 DB Expansion pack support this version? any new Pack Released.

  • How to customize a Rule/Alert for missing backup for only system databases

    How do I customize a rule/alert to only alert on user or system databases? Our system databases are only backed up once a week, whereas user databases are daily. I need to adjust the rules/alerts accordingly. 

  • SQL Server session blocking alert - where do I find this?

    I have recently implemented Foglight for MSSQL after using Idera DM for 10 years.  I cannot find a session blocking alert but do see the metric on the Overview screen in the Instance Performance section. 

  • Foglight for sql server ports

    Hello all,

    I want to monitor with Foglight SQL Server with PI.

    Which port i should open from the FGLAM server to my SQL Server?
    I want to monitor the SQL Server and also the OS (Windows server 2012)

    Can you please advise?


    Many thanks! 

  • DBSS - Long Running Job exception duration for single job

    Hello All,

    This alarm "DBSS - Long Running Job"  have a global fire threshold for all the jobs.

    I can see that there is an exception in order to exclude specific jobs.

    Does there is a way to make an exception for a single job duration that will…

  • SQL Grant permission script error

    Dear All, 


     We have recently upgraded the  Database cartridge to  We are trying to configure a SQL 2012 DB, when we try to manually execute the Grant permission script  we are receiving the below error.

    msg 207, Level 16, state 1 line 27


  • Credentials change for oracle db hangs

    Credentials change for Oracle db hangs (until session timeout) on "applying modified settings" when save changes is executed.  (Agent

    There is no error or other message/feedback at all.  The credentials are verified on the target.


  • Customized Workloads Dashboard for Foglight SQL Server PI

    Hello All,

    Attached a quick guide (in .pptx) of how to build quickly customized dashboard that preview all the workloads of your Instances in one dashboard.

    In this Dashboard:

    You can see the Baseline and the Breakdown of all your Instances

    You can see the…

  • Job agent still showing up on list

    I just removed several old, disabled jobs from my SQL Server Job Agent.  I refreshed the "SQL Agent Jobs" grid several times but they are still showing up on the list.  Is this by design?  I don't want to confuse an end-user in thinking these jobs…

  • Foglight for SQL Server with PI What ports should be open?

    Hello All,

    I am preparing new environment for Foglight for SQL Server with PI:

    1 VM for the FMS

    1 VM for FGLAM + PI repository

    1 VM for the Foglight Repository (SQL Server)


    I didn't find any documnt that explain what port should i open from each vm to…

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