• quest foglight sql and Windows 2022 support

    We have some SQL instances living on Windows Server 2022, which was released on August 18, 2021
    We are on latest releases; foglight

    I cant get the OS host to work with this so only get SQL information, no OS and hence also no vmware information…

  • Blocking Report 'There Is No Data To Display'

    The Blocking Report is showing 'There Is No Data To Display' . Can you help?

  • User Defined Collection Not Showing Up

    Attempting to add a UDC on different SQL servers spanning different versions and the query itself will verify correctly, I have set the key and all the types but it still will not appear in the UDC Overview screen.

    The closest error I can find is:


  • Which the metric on SQL Server Cartridge be equivalent to the Waiting Tasks from MS Management Studio Activity monitoring ?

    Hi Team,

    Customer is already familiar with the MS Management Studio Activity monitoring and usually use it when troubleshooting any issue. And, they were usually figure on the Waiting Tasks chart to identify if the value of waiting task become high,…

  • Not able to configure the SQL PI

    Hi All,

    I am new to foglight, while configuring I got below error,  can you please help me on resolve this issue.

    Failed to enable SQL PI monitoring extension for SQL Agent Test
    Failed to establish connection to SQL PI repository from the FMS. Connection…

  • We try to find real SQL_TEXT in PIRepository table pass_syntax_dim

    SQL_TEXT in PIRepository table pass_syntax_dim only show encrypted text 'eJy1UdFOwjAUfXZfccNLOzJZfCXBQLZOTFSSMfSBkKasF5...'.  The sql_short_text in pass_syntax_dim does show text but it is too short.

    Same thing also exists with batch_text in pass_batch_dim…

  • Get All queries during a time interval

    Hi All.......

    I want to get all the queries ran against a SQL database during a certain time frame.

    Right now, I have TOP 50, TOP 1000.........

    But I want to view all the queries that were performed against a SQL database . Is there a way to get that…

  • Rule edit , DBSS - deadlocks, to add severity alarm per victimLostTime.

    Hello folks.

    I'd like to edit Deadlock rule to add severity per victimLostTime range. For example, if sum of "victimLostTime" is greater than 10 sec, then its a WARNING, and greater than 60 sec, then CRITICAL, etc..

    The idea of "victimLostTime…

  • Enable alarms by database group

    In our Foglight, we have PROD and NON-PROD database groups.  I want to be able to define alarms as active for PROD and inactive for NON-PROD.  For example ... I want DBSS-Unavailable to be enabled for those SQL instances in the PROD group and be disabled…

  • Foglight for sql server ports

    Hello all,

    I want to monitor with Foglight SQL Server with PI.

    Which port i should open from the FGLAM server to my SQL Server?
    I want to monitor the SQL Server and also the OS (Windows server 2012)

    Can you please advise?


    Many thanks! 

  • DBSS - Long Running Job exception duration for single job

    Hello All,

    This alarm "DBSS - Long Running Job"  have a global fire threshold for all the jobs.

    I can see that there is an exception in order to exclude specific jobs.

    Does there is a way to make an exception for a single job duration that will…

  • SQL Grant permission script error

    Dear All, 


     We have recently upgraded the  Database cartridge to  We are trying to configure a SQL 2012 DB, when we try to manually execute the Grant permission script  we are receiving the below error.

    msg 207, Level 16, state 1 line 27


  • Customized Workloads Dashboard for Foglight SQL Server PI

    Hello All,

    Attached a quick guide (in .pptx) of how to build quickly customized dashboard that preview all the workloads of your Instances in one dashboard.

    In this Dashboard:

    You can see the Baseline and the Breakdown of all your Instances

    You can see the…

  • Can't find Foglight.config

    I may need to change the database location of my Foglight for SQL Server monitoring.  I understand I need to make a change to <foglight_home>/config/foglight.config file.  Well, I can't find that file in my sub-folder.




  • Foglight for SQL Server with PI What ports should be open?

    Hello All,

    I am preparing new environment for Foglight for SQL Server with PI:

    1 VM for the FMS

    1 VM for FGLAM + PI repository

    1 VM for the Foglight Repository (SQL Server)


    I didn't find any documnt that explain what port should i open from each vm to…

  • Foglight for Databases - Top 5 Knowledge base articles for the week - Sept 5, 2016

  • Foglight for SQL Server - Latest Product Release - Cartridge version

    What’s New:   

    Foglight for SQL Server cartridge version

    • Added graphical workload distribution of Top 10 dimension values.
    • Added support for SQL Server® 2016.
    • Added the "Query Hash" and "SQL Handle" columns to the Performance Investigator…