Printer stopped working after domain migration


We are getting one weird issue, as printer installed in user's profile stopped working after domain migration. As a workaround we need to remove printers and re-add. let me add here is that NETBIOS is not an issue as we can access print server by NETBIOS name only and re-connect printer after migration.

Any help which save our efforts in re-adding printers for all migrated users.


  • The best action here would be to open up a Service Request with the Support Team and then provide the Processing Log from RUM.
  • I recently migrated a print server from Domain A to Domain B. The problem is that users are getting Unable to connect in their Printers and Faxes window.

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  • Yes you need to check whether printer and other requirements are properly connected or not. Connect it properly  if it is not so.

  • The only solution is to remove domain users' profile and let them log in again to create a new one, which is a major inconvenience due to some applications that require configuration after this.

    If you are among the users who are having the same trouble or any other problems with your printer which is not mentioned here. You can contact us the third-party printer support. If your printer is in warranty period you can contact directly from their official website and get help.

  • I had a similar issue recently - the printers needed to be added using the FQDN of the print server rather than just the short name.  In our case the print server hosts were remaining in the source domain.  Also worth checking that the ACLs on the print queues were updated.  Our's were ACL'd with the Domain Users group so we had to migrate that group using QMM and re-ACL the print queues.