• How to match objects in a merging / synchronization project

    Hi there,

    currently I'm in a new project where in the target domains already the source accounts have been created.
    Some former aborted QMMAD migrations have been started, for some domains simply new secondary accounts have been created for the users…

  • Can I configure DirSync NOT to rename existing accounts? I want DirSync to ONLY update users passwords and group memberships, and clone new users, but NOT to rename existing users whose target names are different from the source

    Hello, I used a regular migration session to clone source users to target, and some of the source users were renamed on target. Some users on the source domain were named with FirstInitialLastName and were created on target with the new naming convention…

  • How can I learn Active Directory migration ?

    Please tell me how to find real projects online to work on. I mean not sure where to find databases of users to migrate!

  • Admin Agent Support for Windows Server 2019

    Admin Agent OS requirements currently does not include support for Server 2019

    Binary Tree Migrator Pro for Active Directory 20.11 - Requirements and Installation Guide (quest.com)

    When will Windows Server 2019 be supported?

  • Processing UPD profil in RDS farm

    How to process RDS user profiles configure in UPD mode (stored in a VHD on a remote file server)
    I read the post> www.quest.com/.../process-vhd-files but nothing up to date.
    Thank you
  • Questions: Trust and Domain Local group with respect to access token

    Hello IT Engineers,

    Scenario 1: A trust relationship is a link that is established between domains to enable users in one domain to be authenticated by a domain controller in the other domain. Trust relationships are authentication pipelines that must…

  • Limitation for DirSync

    Does anyone knows limitations of QMAD for the DirSync? I see that the cached memory runs against a 2 GB border (what is the maximum for addressable  memory) and then after a whiel the eror message "out of memory" will be raised. After this, the process…

  • Netbios is turned off for security reasons. Will MMAD still work correctly on our network? What are my options?

    Our security team had us disable Netbios on our network devices/servers/PC's.  Does implementing the registry hacks in the 3rd KB article below get around having to have Netbios enabled on your network for MMAD to work?

    Is NETBIOS resolution required…

  • Migrating multiple domains into a new domain

    Hi there, 

    I am migrating multiple domains (SourceA and SourceB) into a new 2016 AD Domain (TargetA).

    I want to migrate all the users, groups and workstations into the new TargetA Domain leaving Exchange mailboxes on the SourceA Domain.

    I want to use only…

  • Group membership sync issuesD

    I'm working with a customer who is using qmm to migrate ad and exchange from sourcedomain to targetdomain.  User and group objects were all migrated from sourcedomain to targetdomain some time ago, and have kept in sync with the DSA with a one-way sourcedomain…

  • QMM for AD, passwords do not synchronize from destination to source, only from source to destination?

    Any idea why this happens? I have two domains, one source and destination, the synchronization of passwords in both directions was working, we even started the migration process and it is not possible to synchronize keys from destination to source. We…

  • Comparison between Migration manager for AD exchange and on demand migration for Email

    Hello All,

    I need your help to find out quest solution for AD and mailbox migration for below scenario.

    As a part of acquisition many users (2000 users) will be migrated to another new forest (it contain only AD) and we wanted to migrate these users mailboxes…

  • MMAD install can't detect IIS

    We are trying to install the Statistics server it halt with:

    One or more components need to be set up as part of the installation:

    "Microsoft Internet Information Service"

    The IIS role is installed on this 2012R2 server with the default features…

  • MAPI CDO for MMAD?

    Is the MAPI CDO required for MMAD? If so, why?

  • QMMAD express install does not recognize AD LDS

    When installing Migration Manager for AD in Express mode, I get the following message in a popup: One or more additional components need to be set up as part of the installation: A new Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services instance…

  • Export unresolved object from migration manager for AD

    Is there any options available for exporting the unresoved object details from QMM AD?

  • Migrate AD Accounts command line

    Can anyone tell me or direct me to documentation of how to migrate our AD accounts with a command line script (and settings file) versus using the console and manually pointing to a csv file that has all the data.... we are trying to automate our provisioning…

  • File Server/ print Server domain migration required any license?

    Hi ,

    Though it's very silly question but still I don't want to take any chance.

    We have 1000+ quest licenses to migrate users/computers from one forest to another. As we have said that license cost involve no. of users migration only and we can…

  • Printer stopped working after domain migration


    We are getting one weird issue, as printer installed in user's profile stopped working after domain migration. As a workaround we need to remove printers and re-add. let me add here is that NETBIOS is not an issue as we can access print server…

  • not able to migrate disabled user's objects


    We already have sync in place and have applied filter to not to sync disabled users in source domain to target domain. We are now migrating the users and one of the user who is disabled in source domain not getting migrated in target. is it just…

  • Password Sync in delta

     Hi Team,

    We have source and target forest in sync and currently delta sync is going as expected, though sometime I suspect issues in password sync.

    Both new and Old domain supported by SD team and hence access have been given to them to reset password…

  • Delta sync don't sync E-mail attribute


    We are doing Dir Sync between two domains of AD. Initial sync has been completed and Delta sync runs as usual according to default settings of 15 min. But when we did change in one user's email address attribute in source AD , the same has not replicated…

  • Install Quest Migrator manager for Active Directory


    I donwload QMM for AD on quest web site, after applying licence received from supprort, i get an error message that the licence is invalid.


    I want to know how is the step by step actions to apply QMM AD licence.

  • PowerShell Cmdlets for Managing QMM

    Wanted to bring this question back to llfe .. Are there any PowerShell cmdlets which can be used to automate Quest Migration Manager for AD?

    Looking at trying to automate migration sessions once a sync has created new users in a staging OU.

    I have code…