• How to take free trial license for active directory migration manager?


    I want to take the free trial license for active directory migration manager. I have found a link where it is mentioned that it takes 30 days free trial. But after download the package, getting the no license error.

    Can you please help me on how…

  • Switch from QMMAD to ODMAD or BT AD Pro?

    Hello Team,

    We require your assistance and suggestions for the following migration scenario.

    In Phase I of our plan, we successfully migrated a few AD resources to the Target Forest Domain using the Quest Migration Manager for AD tool.

    For Phase II of…

  • Quest Migration Manager - AD Account migration in Same forest with having Same UPN

    We are migrating the accounts from one child domain to another child domain in same forest,

    since in source domain these accounts are using one specific DNS suffix in UPN and same, we need to carry out in Destination domain, since both the domains are in…

  • Computer Object Description option is not updated after Migrated from Source Domain to target Domain

    Hello Team,

    We have Migrated one server successfully from Source to Target Domain, but after Migrated the server into the target Domain the computer object did not get updated the Description attribute value.

    In the Source domain the Computer Object have…

  • Error Conflict by Attribute, During the Group Merging Process from Source Domain to Target Domain

    We are trying to Merging the Groups from Source Domain with the different name in Target Domain(Already Created Groups in Target), Merging is not processed, but instead of Merging Created the new Groups with different name by the Quest (ex: $4P5300-NJ8CC458V7O4…

  • LDAP error 0x51. Server Down (80090304: LdapErr: DSID-0C0906C8, comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 1f, v3839).

    getting insufficient rights error and LDAP error more frequently while using QMM to sync attributes and password across tenants. 

  • Error 0xe1100012. Cannot initialize Migration Agent on host "_dc name_" . Error 0x80070005. Access is denied.

    Hello, I am experiencing the errors/failures when cloning new users in QMMAD migration sessions and synchronizing passwords for existing users with DirSync.

    I am running QMMAD 8.15; the target domain has 2 DCs running Windows 2019. This is an existing…

  • Migration manager for Active directory

    Question: windows active directory migration using Migration manager for Active directory

    Scenario: Windows active directory forest (windows 2008) having multiple subdomain and tree. Forest Doman name is “company.com” and the sub domain name is NA.Company…

  • File Server Processing - RUM


    Working on servers migration, RUM has been a great tool for processing | Migrating 99% of my servers.

    I Have two questions:

    - We have some old Windows server with critical applications installed on C drive, but also host a shared network drive…

  • Foreign Security Principal Objects belongs to Local Internal Domain accounts instead of trusted external domain accounts

    In my AD environment, there are lot of FSP objects belong to local Internal domain accounts instead of trusted external domain accounts showing under Foreign Security Principals container. I mean SID value of FSP objects (showing under Name column in…

  • QMM for AD, passwords do not synchronize from destination to source, only from source to destination?

    Any idea why this happens? I have two domains, one source and destination, the synchronization of passwords in both directions was working, we even started the migration process and it is not possible to synchronize keys from destination to source.