• Critical: File fields are not allowed when migrating to Document Sets


    I get the above error when trying to migrate a Notes app where the documents have attachments to a SharePoint 2013 document library. I'm migrating the Notes documents to document sets. The Notes fields migrate into document set properties and that…

  • Unable to map Lotus Notes user to SharePoint List's people picker column.

    We are trying to migrate Lotus notes DB to SharePoint online. and in the LN DB we have the manager column  (LN user column). We have created a list and added a People Picker column in the SP and we are using the Quest tool to migrate the LN DB. We have…

  • Attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold

    Hi Team, 

    I am trying to migrate Lotus Notes Application to SharePoint list which has 13K Items . When I am trying with Incremental I am getting the above exception at the first step.

    The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view…

  • Link Tracking Service in Sharepoint Online : files contains corrupted data.


    I would like to migrated from lotus to sharepoint online with MNSP 6.15, i've put Quest.SandboxLinkRedictor in sharepoint app catalog for using Link Tracking Service but i have this error message : files contains corrupted data.

  • The request message is too big. The server does not allow messages larger than 2097152 bytes.

    Hello Team,

    Good Day.

    I am using MNSP v.15(latest) and I am having trouble with one database. Trying migrate some records using MNSP but i get this error message "The request message is too big. The server does not allow messages larger than 2097152 bytes…

  • Firewall rules

    Hi Notes Migrators,

    Are there any particular firewall rules needed for Quest to migrate to SharePoint Online, apart from the details published by Microsoft for SPO access? Anything Quest itself needs to communicate license status, for instance? My migration…

  • Unable to migrate lotus notes forms to sharepoint library that has more than 5000 records-threshold limit

    Hi All,

    We are using Quest tool ( Notes to sharepoint Migrator )to migrate Lotus notes forms into sharepoint online library as pdf documents. One of our form has more than 10000 records. The job got failed after migrating around 6000 records. Once we…

  • Missing Discovered Database from All Databases

    Dear All,

    Last month I had discovered one database (Local Copy) and consumed a licence for that DB and migrated 1 Keyword form. Today i opened NMSP 6.14 tool and trying to search that db but it is missing from the All database and template.

    If i re-discover…

  • Migrate notes document to Word 2013 document

    Dear All,

    We are trying to migrate some Notes documents to SharePoint Online document library in .docx format using NMSP 6.14. But after the migration, it seems although the format of the generated file is .docx, it is actually a Word 2007 or 2010 file…

  • What is the average output (in terms of volume/hour) for Notes Notes Migrator for SharePoint tool, when used for migration to SP On premise

    We need to give an estimate to our client for the migration of their Lotus notes databases to SharePoint 2016 on premise environment. Is there any average volume of data per hour (example 1gb/hr) which we can use to estimate the time taken for the migration…

  • Where are the step by step guide , How To documentation and videos ?


    I am new to migrator to sharepoint.

    I have the user guide and have succeeded to some level in my sample migration.

    Apart from the user guide , Are there any other How to or tutorial type (step by step) documentation or videos ?

    I checked existing…

  • The latest version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint is 6.14

    We are excited to announce the release of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint 6.14. This release includes a few improvements in our migration product:

    • Support Document Generator for Quickr page migration
    • Re-migrate data in a few fields instead of whole…
  • Role based Access to application - from Lotus notes to Sharepoint Migration

    Question-How to map Lotus Notes Roles to SharePoint?

    Question-How to provide Role based access to SharePoint application?

    Description- We have Lotus notes application which has user permissions as well as roles in it. We are migrating to SharePoint 2016…

  • The latest version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint (MNSP) is 6.12

    We are excited to announce a new version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint 6.12 is now available for download.

    Migrator for Notes to SharePoint allows organizations to safely and effectively migrate Lotus Notes®, Domino®,
    QuickPlace®, Quickr®,…

  • Quest NSMP Analysis Question - Detect Granular Permissions/Security

    Is there a way through Quest NMSP via Usage/Design/Data Analysis Detect if Document Level /Field Level Security/Permission was used in a particular Database or Not?

    I know you can (in a way) find it out it when you try to migrate, but based on the analysis…

  • How to configure .nsf files for 106 different databases in Quest MNSP Console ?



    I have 106 Standart Text Databases in Notes, which will be migrated to SharePoint.

    I am able to complete the migration for one of them at a time, by using designer.  In designer, I am able to choose the .nsf file of the database itself. 


  • Password prompt in NMSP Console during discovery


      Whenever I run a database discovery on the Notes Migrator to SharePoint console , in order to discover lotus notes databases on s specific server, I get constantly prompted to enter my Lotus Notes password  for a new database. For example if the console…

  • Issue migrating a record to a record library



     When I migrate reords to a record library (same schema and content type used) to site 'A' ,  I get an error (described below) but running the same migration job to  a site 'B' it runs without any issues.


     I get the following error when…

  • Microsoft SharePoint is not supported in 32-bit process.

    I installed Notes Migrator for SharePoint on windows server 2012 r2. After configuring the console and doing a database discovery , I selected my required Lotus Notes database and configured the migration job. When I run the job , I get the following…

  • Render with Form Date issue

    Hi, We are migrating to PDF using render with form.  The date shown in the lotus notes document is dd/mm/yyyy.  However, when it's migrated as a PDF file to SharePoint, the date shows mm/dd/yyyy.  We would like to keep the original date format on the…

  • Computed Cell Image

    Hi, We are migrating our data using Render with Form

    The header table in the form has different cell colors depending on the status of the form.  The way the form changes the color is by using images.  However, the migration does not seem to migrate this…

  • Gif images not migrating

    Hi, We have several images on our form with different hide-when formulas.  We are migrating using Render with Form.  None of the images are migrated even if the condition is met.




  • map attachments to local shared folder?

    Hi, We are migrating LN DB data as PDF files to SPO.  However, the DB owner wants the attachments to be mapped and linked on a local shared drive instead of the _Attachment folder in the document library.  Is this possible?

  • Rich text field migration

    Hi, we have several Lotus Notes documents with a "Body" rich-text field with as content text, tables, inline images and inline attachments. If we try to migrate this to SharePoint Online the "Attachments" are properly migrated to the "attachments" field…

  • Run Job button is disabled

    We recently installed Lotus Notes 9.0.1 in the hopes on fixing the blank PDF issue that we were getting with the migrator.  However, when we open the migrator designer, the Select button in the Notes tab is disabled as well as the Run Job button.  Thoughts…