• Connect Designer to SharePoint sites


    I am trying to establish Designer connection to sharepoint site. I have added correct site URL, but when I try to test connection using sharepoint login username and password it shows me a Failed error message.

    Error Message: 

    Connection to SharePoint…

  • DXL files

    Is there a way to convert .dxl files into another format?  Currently we have .dxl files (which look to be just emails in an xml format) from an application we are migrating.  We have a license for the Quest Notes to SharePoint migrator which I understand…

  • DocLink - Unwanted "http://" added to the link during DOC Migration


    I have a small question that I already checked in the Forum, yet could not find any answers.

    I have migrated Notes Doc Rich Text field to a Word Document in a folder in Root.

    The issue that we face right now is that, the tool adds “ http…

  • Is there a way to extract Metadata to a separate .csv or XML file, when I migrate Notes DBs as DOCUMENTS to a folder in my Desktop ?

    Is there a way to extract Metadata to a separate .csv or XML file, when I migrate Notes DBs as DOCUMENTS to a folder in my Desktop ?

    I migrate the files in notes DBs to Word Documents and place the attachments to a separate Attachment folder. 

    I also…

  • Heap Space error while doing 15k records SP 2 SP migration.

    Every time I try to paste my 15k copied items from my source list to target list I am getting this error.

    SharePoint sites are SP2013.

    Kindly let me know any pointers to fix this issue.

  • Issue migrating a record to a record library



     When I migrate reords to a record library (same schema and content type used) to site 'A' ,  I get an error (described below) but running the same migration job to  a site 'B' it runs without any issues.


     I get the following error when…

  • Update Existing Document Set


    I have successfully migrated Document Sets into a library, along with Metadata and Documents.

    Currently, for one of the fields for the Document Sets, i need to update the metadata.

    I am trying different options, example: Replace existing item if duplicate…

  • <BR/> tags in plaintext multiline fields

    We are seeing <BR/> tags in multiline fields migrated to a PlainText multiline field in SharePoint. 

    We do not have this issue if target field is a Rich Text. 

    What is the best way to replace <BR/> with line breaks? Is there a way to replace…

  • The latest version of Migrator for Notes to SharePoint is 6.9

    New features in Migrator for Notes to SharePoint 6.9:
    Rebranded to Quest. Migrator for Notes to SharePoint has been rebranded as a Quest product.
    Integrated with the support portal. Search for solution directly in…
  • "Response To" items not migrating to SharePoint wiki library


    I am trying to migrate items from Lotus Notes to SharePoint wiki library using Quest tool. While migration, I am facing an issue with "Response To" items. As parents items are getting migrated to SharePoint but all "Response To" Items associated with…

  • Nested level documents not migrating to SharePoint from Lotus Notes.


    I am trying to migrate the Lotus Notes data to the SharePoint 2013 using quest tool. I got stuck up while migration, as I can see if the data is nested upto 4 or 5 levels in Lotus Notes db then those documents are not migrating to the SharePoint .

  • Render Image Display Issue on IE

    Hi All,

    I am having a issue with the Render image on IE , 

    The following things which i am performing

    1. Migrating Lotus Notes Documents to a SharePoint List with all Items (Fields) and also adding a Render Field which Captures the Document Image

    2. Once…

  • Our Notes to SharePoint Forum Has Moved!

    We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Notes to SharePoint Migration Community Forum!  You can post questions or suggestions about SharePoint products in the new forum as part of an active discussion. If you posted a question below in this…