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Is there any way to script getting information from ODME

Is there any way to script getting information from ODME in a similar way you can from MigrationWiz?


I would like to create my own reports, so having access to the raw data by using REST and/or PowerShell would be reall good.

  • What type of data points were you looking for and reports were you looking to create?
  • The Per Mailbox Statistics report, with plan name, start and end date time, and options select like email (with date range), contacts, calendar etc -in a CSV format (not html)
    Also a separate error report for each plan.

    Oh, and a suggestion for the portal page to let me sort by source, as the report show the order the tsv file was imported in, but the portal show some kind of randomness.
  • Hello,

    I understand you are looking for a way to script retrieval of migration reports from On Demand Migration for Email (ODME). Currently, there isn't an API available in ODME to gather raw data to create your own reports. However, ODME does provide very detailed reporting features out of the box:

    Within the main ODME Dashboard, there is a "Get Report" button for each Migration Plan that generates a CSV migration summary. There is also an "All Plans Report", which generates a CSV migration summary for every migration plan.

    Here is an example of the All Plans Report:



    Within the ODME Reports Dashboard, there is an Audit Log report, which provides very detailed historical migration logs by clicking the Download link on the right:

    Additionally, the "Download Additional Details" button in the lower-right of the "Audit Log" report generates a verbose migration summary for all users, in all migration plans, and includes a direct link to download their individual migration log files.

    Here is an example of the Download Additional Details report:


    You may find that with the built-in reporting features of ODME you may not need to create your own reports. 

    We do encourage customer feedback and suggestions, so I will certainly pass along your interest in an API to gather raw reporting data, to the product team as a consideration for future enhancement of ODME.

  • Exporting the logs would also be good to have.
  • oh that additional details rocks! .. could I have start date too please
  • To add, be able to download stuff for a whole plan, as the download is limited to the 100 items shown. So for the Download Addition Details Button, add a plan drop down.
  • The audit log filter is not so great! I put a plan name in, and it doesn't filter it shows all the plans and 7540 items! There are only 129 users in the plan
  • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I can request that the migration start time be added to the Download Additional Details report.

    Is there anything else you would like to see added to this report?

    After taking a look at ODME's built-in reporting features, do you still feel you would rather create your own reports?
  • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you are correct, currently the two options for the Download Additional Details report are to limit it to the rows displayed in the table (max 100), or to select the details by month and year:

    I can have the product team log an Enhancement Request to consider adding the ability to select the entire Migration Plan to the Download Additional Details report.

  • Yes, you are correct about this issue as well. There is a known issue when filtering by Migration Plan on the Audit Log report screen. This issue is documented in the following KB article:

    This issue is currently scheduled to be resolved in an upcoming version of ODME.