Missed our Q4 partner webcast? We’ll get you caught up now. Let’s jump right into some exciting Quest® updates, including our recent acquisition of Quadrotech. Coming on the heels of our Binary Tree acquisition, we’re further expanding our Microsoft platform management offerings by adding yet another industry leader to the Quest portfolio.

What’s Quadrotech all about?

Microsoft 365 management and migrations, putting Quest and our partners in an enviable position, as Microsoft 365 adoption continues to soar. This latest Quest acquisition strengthens our already stellar collection of Microsoft platform management solutions. Combined with our legacy toolsets and Binary Tree products, Quadrotech will make Quest an unstoppable force in the Microsoft solutions market. We’re bringing together all the capabilities needed for just about any migration scenario, in house, under Quest. Watch for program and integration activities, coming over the next few months.

A brief history on Quadrotech

Founded in 2011, Quadrotech focused on email archiving, PSP migrations and tenant-to-tenant migrations. They also offer reporting, auditing and additional functionality to simplify Microsoft administration. Quadrotech has a great relationship with Microsoft, and we’re excited to welcome three new MVPs to Quest. Having deep subject matter expertise in house will help us align our roadmap for success.

Closing out the Quest fiscal year in January

During this monumentally busy time, we’re working hard to get existing and new pipeline across the finish line, and we’re here to help you hit your goals. Whether you need data, marketing materials or incentives to provide you with that extra boost for profitability, don’t hesitate to ask for what you need. Reach out, stay focused and let’s close those deals.

Looking to 2021

As difficult as this year has been, there’s a case to be made for cautious optimism going into 2021. While much needs to be done to protect everyone as the pandemic continues, we see signs of growth coming next year, especially for software solutions and services, as there’s a fundamental shift in how customers are consuming technology. Our partnership puts us in a great position to maximize customer utilization of the shift toward services, increased cloud consumption and remote work.

State of the industry

A few things to note: tech spending has been more resilient and the software market has performed better than in past recessions, which makes sense, as we’ve seen massive investment in remote workforce enablement. Research indicates the shift to the cloud and subscription models will persist, which is positive news for Quest and our partners, and growth is expected to continue.

State of the business – channel

We’re seeing Q3 growth from pent-up demand, consistent pipeline creation and deal registration is at an all-time high. We’re still seeing a lot of focus on security and remote workforce enablement. You can go the Quest Partner Portal, under the solutions section, to find a wealth of resources on these solution areas. These resources drove a dramatic increase in pipeline for partners who are using the materials, so check that out. All these factors are helping with Q3 bookings, which are at +31 percent QoQ.

What’s the latest on our Binary Tree acquisition?

A number of folks have been working extremely hard to accelerate Binary Tree integration. And we’re excited to announce that, as of December 3, Binary Tree is now fully integrated into our partner programs. This means pipeline management, access to marketing dollars, sales enablement training, demand-gen resources and more are now live in the partner portal, in an area dedicated to Binary Tree. You can now close strong and all that revenue, if qualified, will be applicable for rebates. Expect simplified quoting to launch on January 4 and aligned professional-level enablement in the spring of 2021. Around February, you can expect guidance on product best bets, based on research we’re conducting to understand customers’ needs.

Speaking of working to understand needs…

The results of our recent Partner Circle survey are in, and we’re looking at new ways we can raise the bar and meet our partners’ needs. Conducted between October and December of this year, we received a total of 87 responses, across all Quest and One Identity business units. Cloud services, partner recognition, marketing assets with targeted campaigns, sales leads, customer success and ease of doing business are of paramount importance to our partners.

Our average rating by partners on their experience with Quest is slightly under eight, which, of course, we are committed to raising to a perfect 10. Our net promoter score, whether partners would recommend Quest to a friend or colleague, is above industry average but also something we’ll strive to raise. Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey. Your feedback has given us a solid benchmark, from which we will only improve. We’ll continue to monitor the impact of our efforts, so we can exceed your expectations.

On to the Q&A portion of the webcast

Q: What’s the latest on quoting and engaging with our acquisitions?

A: For Binary Tree, your motions for registering deals and engaging Quest from a programs perspective are integrated into the Quest Partner Portal. Quadrotech is not there yet.

When it comes to quoting, you still need to engage specific Binary Tree and Quadrotech resources. That will be the case for Binary Tree until January 4 and Quadrotech is projected to follow in February. If you have any questions about the mechanics of doing deals, we’ll walk you through the deal flow, so please reach out.

Q: Can we provide feedback to Quest now that the partner survey is closed?

A: Yes, email andrew.clarke@quest.com directly. Andrew deeply values your feedback and welcomes any thoughts you have to offer. We’d also like to collaborate with you on your business plans. So remember, we want to hear from you and work closely with you to achieve our shared goals. If you feel there are key areas we should focus on, please let us know.

Q: Are rebates available and how do we get eligibility?

A: Yes, rebates are available. Our qualifications are that you must have the accreditation related to the product and you must have status, think of silver or platinum. We do have a lot of planned money to distribute. The key is to get the deal closed and also to make sure you proactively accept the terms and conditions that we put into your specific portal account. We can definitely help. Every quarter, we leave money on the table. Be sure to understand the frontend and backend of your deals, so you can take advantage of everything available to you.

Q: Will Binary Tree software be further developed and supported or will it be replaced by other solutions in the Quest portfolio?

A: We’re not planning to EOL these products. We’re working to determine what the best-fit product is for various migration scenarios. We’ll also be flexible to customers’ changing needs and solution preferences. Our plan is to provide guidance on the best fit. There is big investment going into these solutions, so we will continue to support the products and will provide more information soon.

Let’s close strong.

We’re coming up to the end of the fiscal year. Foundations are in place and investments are ready to be made now. Organizations are ready to improve their operations in this digital transformation – and security and remote workforce enablement are critical. There is more of a need than ever for the solutions Quest and One Identity provide, and now is the time to help customers solve the new tech challenges they’re facing. You have the momentum; you have our support. Together, we can end the fiscal year with notable success. Please continue to leverage the Quest Partner Portal and request all the help you need. Have a safe holiday. We’re looking forward to catching up with you in 2021.

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