Your customers are finding a new normal in a highly increased work from home remote workforce. This transition means increased usage of Office 365. The good news is that Microsoft has extended 6 month free licenses to help out during this challenging time. But how many of your customers have a good handle on their Office 365 and Azure AD licenses and their usage?

  • Do they have an accurate current — and historical — inventory of all their license types and how many licenses are used and unused?
  • Do they know how much money they are spending on licenses and how much of their budget is being wasted on unused licenses?
  • Do they understand their licensing trends well enough to enable the most cost-effective license renewal?
  • What about the impact on budgets when the 6 months is up?

Very few organizations have this insight. And this lack of actionable knowledge and effective management has a very real cost — in terms of both budget and lost return on investment (ROI) — especially as their remote workforce has changed.

Curtis Johnstone and Keri Farrell put it all into perspective in this awesome new eBook called Effective License Management with a Changing Remote Workforce. It's clear and concise and very informative.  We encourage you to share it with your customers and familiarize yourself with the content. In these changing times, it's a great conversation to have with your prospects and customers.

And... Check out this webcast recording - Controlling the cost of Office 365 Licensing - The Viability in Visibility. It's Keri Farrell and Nick Cavalancia and quite informative.

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