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    • 7 Nov 2017

    Would you like to provide input on how to improve Pre and Post Migration functionality in Stat?

    For Stat 6.2, we are looking to improve the Pre and Post-Migration capabilities. In particular, we are looking to ensure that those types of actions can be fully automated, such that migrations will not require manual intervention. If you use these features, and would like to provide input, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at richard.schiller@quest.com and we can arrange a discussion.
    • 31 Oct 2017

    Stat 6.1 is GA!

    On behalf of the Stat team, I’m pleased to announce the release of Stat 6.1. I will cover the highlights of the release in this blog, but encourage you to read the release notes in detail to understand the full scope of the release. The biggest single item in this release is a 64-bit Windows client, which can either be installed on each user’s desktop, or run directly from a network drive. Obviously, using...
    • 31 Oct 2017

    Customer Story – Now is a great time to update your Stat workflows

    Now is a great time to review and update your Stat for Oracle E-Business Suite and/or your Stat for PeopleSoft workflows. Take advantage of our latest Stat 6.1 release features to improve your change management process, automation, and compliance.
    • 18 Apr 2017

    Stat 6.0 is now available

    While I am here to officially announce the availability of the new Stat release (6.0), it seems that I should first introduce myself as the new Product Manager for Stat. I’m pleased to be joining this highly qualified team with a long track record of delivering real value to our customers. This an exciting time at Quest Software (in our first full year as an independent company) and also an exciting time in the...
    • 27 Jan 2017

    Customer Story – Making the ROI Case for Stat

    The Return on Investment (ROI) for Stat surfaces during every customer discovery call and/or product demonstration. Most of the time the question is answered in general terms covering the following bullet points: Code migrations took hours, now minutes Audit time reduced significantly Patching time and patching impacts reduced Recovery of objects after an environment refresh taking hours not days Upgrade time...
    • 15 Dec 2016

    Stat - how to add new environments to an existing migration path and update existing open CSRs in Stat

    The first customer was starting an Oracle EBS implementation and wanted to know if Stat would support changes in their instance strategy.
    • 9 Dec 2016

    You may be doing DevOps and not even know it – ‘The Third Way’

    I hope you have been following the DevOps series of posts. If not, the following is a quick index of the previous posts on the topic: You May Be Doing DevOps and Not Even Know It You may be doing DevOps and not even know it – ‘The F...
    • 30 Nov 2016

    You may be doing DevOps and not even know it – ‘The Second Way’

    Last week we posted part two of this blog series for our Stat customers and prospects in which we examined the The First Way and how users can use Stat’s functionality to achieve goals and the practices that underpin DevOps. This week’s blog will distill the goals espoused in ‘The Second Way’ and how Stat can empower your organization to achieve ‘The Second Way’ practices. ‘The...
    • 27 Nov 2016

    Mary Wrote an Evil Change: 200+ reports could have prevented that.

    Having a solid, enforceable, change control process ensures that everyone and everything is transparent. Whether it’s Stat for PeopleSoft, Oracle eBusiness Suite or Custom Applications there’s a Stat change control tool to support your daily change control process and the version control needs required today. With over two hundred reports delivered with Stat , there’s visibility into every aspect of...
    • 23 Nov 2016

    You may be doing DevOps and not even know it – ‘The First Way’

    Last week, we posted part one of this blog series for our Stat customers and prospects, in which I stated our Stat users may already be doing DevOps and not realize it . I suggested the functionality in Stat empowers organizations to achieve the goals of DevOps, and the practices that underpin DevOps known as ‘The Three Ways.' This week’s blog will distill the goals espoused in ‘The First Way.’...
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