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Hi Guys and Gals, I am sure this has been asked and answered loads of times before, but I have tried a search and got no results! I need to generate a RSS feed for the search log but each time I try to add it in outlook I get an invalid URL error. I have tried substituting the space with %20 but no joy :(

regards Graham 
  • Make sure you run a search before you click the button to generate the RSS link. Select a user, time frame, and click search. Once you get a set of results, then click the RSS button and copy the link. This you should be able to add to Outlook, at least I was. If I only selected options for the search but did not execute the search before generating the RSS link, that link failed in Outlook in the same manner you describe.

    Note I was not able to generate a usable RSS feed for All Users, but only for a specific login.

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  • In order to create RSS feed for All User you should allow all users to read all email first which is not a good idea.
    That means only those user who has permissions to view message will be able to get RSS feeds.