Restoring Archives to Mailboxes


my company needs to restore several Quest archives into the originating mailboxes while keeping the folder structure, or exporting them into a .pst.

Through searches within this forum i found the recovery manager for exchange which will suit our needs.

Installation was successful with some issues which we solved.

Unfortunately the program wont start with the error "either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request etc."

Outlook is installed an also the default program for Email.

My question: Is there a step-by-step-guide on how to correctly install the recovery manager, especially where? Maybe i made a mistake here.

We are still using Quest Archive Manager 4.8, is this a "showstopper"?

I wanted to open a supportticket, which is not possible at the moment due to unknown error.

  • You may be running an unsupported version of Outlook, so that's why the program won't start. Check the release notes. Some Quest products only with with 32-bit versions of Outlook, or with specific versions such as "2013 SP1 with X and Y hotfixes" for example.

    That being said you can also upgrade to a supported version of Archive Manager (5.x) and export from there.

  • Hello alex,

    thank you for your fast reply. I will try it with a 32-bit version and report back immediatly.

    Do you recommend a step-by-step upgrade? It seems like it is not possible to upgrade from 4.8 to e.g. 5.8, right?

    Best regards,


  • While such an upgrade is theoretically possible - and there's KB articles explaining the upgrade procedure - I would recommend contacting our professional services team for that - mostly to ensure business continuity as I'm sure users will need access to their archived email at all times.

    Check out KB 54190 for more info.

  • To restore Archived data from Archive Manager to the original source mailbox in Exchange you need to run the Exchange Utility, this is run on the Archive Manager server, the EXE can be found in the Program Files (x86) folder where Archive Manager is installed.

    To run the Exchange Utility you must be logged onto the server as the ESM account, the authenticated user credentials with the Exchange Utility must ba an Archive Manager Admin Account.

    Using Recovery Manager with this version of Archive Manager will not provide the required results, if you have stubbed messages these are not updated in the exchange mailbox.

    I would also recommend that you contact your account manager to to engage with PSO to upgrade Archive Manager to latest release to ensure you are on a supported verion of Archive Manager.


    PSO EMEA Region

  • Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements of Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange. This includes checking the operating system version, .NET Framework, and other prerequisites. You mentioned that you are using Quest Archive Manager 4.8. You need to verify that the version of Quest Recovery Manager and Archive Manager are compatible. I remember you were going to purchase a driver's license, there is an option with fake ohio id maybe you will find it easier there. Make sure the Recovery Manager version is compatible with the Archive Manager version. Double check the installation of Quest Recovery Manager. Follow the installation steps in the documentation or software installation guide. Make sure you have administrator privileges during installation.