Overcome Office 365 recovery and compliance gaps.

Overcome Office 365 recovery and compliance gaps.

Quest OnDemand, Whats it all about?

What is Quest On Demand? I hear you ask; Quest On Demand is a Simplified SaaS-based cloud backup, recovery and policy management solution. If you are one of the many orginisations moving to O365 you are venturing into a new and exciting productivity platform. You will be aware of both the benefits and potential risks to venture to Azure AD & Office O365.

What can Quest OnDemand Do for me?

Quest OnDemand Gives you control When (and Where) you need it most, Quest OnDemand Offers a single pain of glass that will enable and allow you to:

  • Recover Azure Active Directory (AD) and O365 users Attributes and Groups along with Group memberships
  • Visualize the difference between backup and your live Azure AD environment.
  • Enforce Exchange Online Policies and configuration
  • Dramatically simplify Skype for Business Online policy Management based AD group membership.