Appassure 5.4 Release Date?

does anyone know when the new 5.4 will be released and what new features it will have?

  • it does say on the spiceworks link that the beta is full. Guess they need to manage it with the 'x' or so users on it presently and can then open it out once the initial feedback is taken onboard and it's looking more ready for deployment.

    As an outsider, I'd like to think they'll do a few rounds of beta testing and increase the pool every few weeks / month much like most software goes through revisions, since it's the first release officially acknowledged as Beta since 5.1 (and that worked out well) hopefully they'll listen more this time and take on board some of the feedback and deliver what's required.

    as for the lack of Appassure on here, does look like the old days are coming back, time for us to run riot [:)]

  • I can wait, 5.3.6 is running very well lately. With the way AA is treated on these forums (myself no exception), I'm not surprised Dell has vanished...

    It took what, 12 builds to get 5.3 to be usable despite not being in beta? Hopefully this beta test is more focused and actually makes the product decent before being released to the masses. No more critical, catastrophic bugs every other release please!

    One thing I do hope is that we do not have to start from scratch or do any huge time consuming conversion like with replay 4 --> 5. I kind of doubt it will be the case since its still all 5.x but you never know...

  • i'd imagine you simply upgrade, a migration would have to be version 6 I'd suspect [;)]

    That said, this is why I don't archive in Appassure's format for long term retention purposes.

  • ive been told 5.4 is slated for a February release. as far as features go, i cant say much other than that i was told we will be able to report off of the repository status, ie; full/low on space.

    *i dont know why they are on spiceworks and not their official forum.that is beside me. but i do seem to get responses from them at

  • heard a rumor for replication scheduling, bandwidth throttling as well. ETA 2/8

  • I'd delay that date by at least 3 weeks, I heard a version 5.3.7 to be released first.

    also, i wouldn't go straight for 5.4 release on anything more than test, wait and see and wait for the first update 'x' weeks afterwards to resolve most of the issues that may (bound to) come up. though it'd be nice to think the underlying technology that has been running reasonably smooth for 5.3.6 will be retained and hopefully make it stable.

    there are bound to be a few things that appear a little strange, interface, de-dupe perhaps becoming global instead of partial as it currently is and hopefully an interface that's more responsive or at least requires less clicks to get to where you want to be.

  • De-dupe is only "global" to a repository, multiple repositories maintain their own de-dupe database.

  • nope, that's not what I meant, but yes that's true.

    I meant the de-dupe cache size is limited, and only the recent transaction data can be de-duped. Data that has been cycled out of this cache will not be de-duped against data that is already in the repository.

    For example, say you have a server with 12TB but only 10% change on a daily basis. A month later it takes a new base image (arrghh) and even though all of the data is in the repository the de-dupe cache doesn't know about 10TB of the data and therefore it is stored once again as new data in the repository and replicates again (somehow).

    This new base would also completely wipe any other records that are in the de-dupe cache and they will also lose any known hashes for any other servers in the pool.

    The actual size is quite low, I know i've blown it several times on one site that has a repository of just 1TB so i'd imagine it only de-dupes the most recent 512GB (from what I can gather)

    As for de-dupe across repositories, can't see that ever happening as it would increase the risk too much.

  • Wow.. that is interesting... How do you know you have blown the cache..not that I guess it matters really as I take it from your comments that there is little we can do about it.

  • at present, not much you can do, v5.4 will apparently (so i've been told, so who knows) [;)] allow you to define a custom size so you can make it large enough for your environment.

    How do you know you've blown the cache? you don't it is cyclic and the first time you're likely to find out is if you take a new base image it consumes more space in the repository than you'd expect and replication becomes difficult.