New build - issues and bugs discussion

Do to the catastrophic loss of my remote replication core, I decided to start from scratch and install the latest build ( on new hardware.

I wanted to create a thread where we can consolidate all of the bugs and other issues for this new version in one place.

So far I have discovered the following issues:
1) UI response time is now very slow with some operations. It's similar to how the old 5.2 used to be and possibly even slower. This can be very frustrating since it takes 30 to 60 seconds or more per click in the UI.

2) The option to pause / un-pause replication jobs is now gone in this version. The option is no longer in the menu. This is a problem and leaves you no control over replicating machines.

3) The well-known attachability checking and log truncation bug still exists in this version. Nightly attachability checks and log truncation still constantly fail as before in older builds.

Please post any other issues or bugs you find and possible solutions if you have them.

  • Yeah the pause/unpause has been missing since the last build. I am surprised they did not fix it in this build especially since it was mentioned to the forum admins.

    I got weird repository is full errors. It was transferring about 1 gig of changes, and the repository said 30 gigs were free.

    Anyone else getting the repository is full messages?

  • have had that on previous versions. the interface appears to lie about the amount of space, check the repository (under configuration > Repositories) and it will probably tell you that you have no space. would be nice if the misreporting does get fixed one day

  • We upgraded Monday, everything was great until 8am Tuesday when it just stopped. Currently the core.service is running constantly at about 50%, the UI will not load and no backups are being taken. It is the same after a restart.

    The core at DR seems OK.

    I have a case open with support...

  • I'm getting "JET_errObjectNotFound, No such table or object" errors on every message I try to pull up in Mailbox Restore. The Exchange backups have not been generating any errors either in the backups, mount, or checksum checks, and the logs have been truncating except for once every few days which is generally fixed the next day. I tried to view messages from mounts of both incremental and base backups. I don't remember if I tried to view messages in Mailbox Restore in the 58~ build.

  • Replying to @Glen's post:

    Glen, I'm having the same issue and I didn't even upgrade to 59332 yet. I have a case open as well, and my tech is starting to hint that I may have to nuke my repository.

  • After upgrading to 59332 I get a timeout error (Call to service method https://localhost:8006/apprecovery/api/core/agents/ GET failed: Service method call timed out after 00:05:00:0947501) when trying to go to the Machines tab and Replication tab in the web interface. Those tabs won't load on my main core. Linux machines get the same timeout error when trying to list the available recovery points, so I can't do a linux mount to restore a file. Three days since calling support and they haven't gotten back with me.

    Other than that, the backups and replication seem to be working.

  • Replying to @CCCoC's post:

    That's interesting since the biggest delay in the UI that I get is when I click on those exact same tabs (almost 1.5 minutes each). Fortunately for me, it eventually comes up before timing out, but it takes a VERY long time.

  • Has anyone's replicated core stop working? Where they cannot access the console after a few days of replicating? I also try to shutdown the core but it doesnt respond so I have to force quit it. Nothing shown in the event logs.

  • My newly installed replication core has been running full tilt for about 5 days with no issues. It's been receiving traffic from my primary core all that time and still has a little way to go. Surprisingly, neither core has crashed in all that time (unlike previous versions which wouldn't even go 24 hours before becoming non-responsive).

    I should point out that I've moved both cores to Server 2012 and have noticed a huge improvement in speed and stability. Previously, they were on Server 2008 R2.

    This is the most stable the system has been in a while. My only real issues so far are the inability to pause / unpause replication, slow UI and Exchange log truncation failing. All minor issues compared to what some of you are dealing with.

  • I blew away both cores and started completely from scratch.
    I just hope it continues to run as well as it is right now.