• How do I baseline SQL Blocking?

    Hello everyone,

    On the Blocking tab of the SQL Activity page is a Compare option that allows users the option to select None, 1, 2, 6, 12, or 24 hours that is supposed to compare current settings to a baseline.  When I select any value, all I see is a…

  • Change computer name of Spotlight Diagnostic server?

    Are there any problems if I change the name and IP of a diagnostic server?

    I'm following the instructions on this page to migrate the connections and works good in my test environment https://help.spotlightessentials.com/enterprise_backend_ds_migr…

  • Alarm Raised: A full backup has not been taken for database msdb in the last xx days xx hours after each availability groups failover


    I'm having the issue

    I'm using Spotlight Entreprise Version:,

    the issue I have is on each failover I'm having the following Alarm "A full backup has not been taken for database msdb in the last xx days xx hours".…

  • Report showing client connections using TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1?

    Can Spotlight show us which SQL Server clients are making encrypted connections using TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1?

    We are obliged to disable these deprecated encryption protocols "because security" Confidentiality of controlled information during transmission…

  • How to setup Powershell script alarm action

    I am trying to run the following powershell script from an alarm action:

    [string]$Server = {{CONNECTION_NAME}}
    [string]$Database = {{SQLFiles.DBName}}

    [string]$qry = "
    SELECT * FROM sys.database_files
    ORDER BY type DESC"

    $databaseFiles = Invoke…

  • Exporting Historical Execution Plans from Spotlight


    Often I'm required to access execution plan information that goes beyond our operational server's caching.  Spotlight is a great help in providing that analysis if I need to go back and find out what happened with a problem SPID in a deadlock…

  • log4shell patch


    We have found log4j jar-files with version 2.13 on our Diagnostic Servers.

    They are running Spotlight 13.3, but it looks like the latest Spotlight version (13.5) was release before log4j was patched to 2.15.

    When do we have a Spotlight version where…

  • My co-workers can't see my instances connections

    Well I need a help about it... The reason of this post it's because I did a connection of SQL Instances on spotlight so... everything went well on Virtual Machine, I saw the monitors about database but when my co-workers log in on the same VM, they can…

  • Spotlight causing performance issues?

    One of out SQL Servers was having performance and the application team claims it was Spotlight causing the issue.  I am attempting to determine if this is true and was wondering if there is any information available related to this?


  • How do I decipher the blocking OBJECT: in the resource column

    I'm trying to figure out what resource the processes are blocking on, but the resource is identified with an "OBJECT: Y:XXXXXXXXX:Z" tag. How can I figure out what it is referring to?

  • Batch adding new SQL server for Spotlight monitoring

    Dear All: I plan to add 50+ SQL server/SSAS/Windows servers into Spotlight monitoring.

    Is there any tool/script existing to allow me import server information to Spotlight? 

    Current Spotlight version is Thank ahead.

  • How I can request a new feature for Spotlight?

    For example, I want to have a link to the Windows server overview page for drill down it from the SQL Server Overview page in the System block.

  • New user set up

    Hi there,

    I'm having problems to add a new user to Spotlight for SQL Server Enterprise. I was given a new account by IT as my current account will expire, I've added the new one under the Spotlight Diagnostic Administrators Windows Group, but I…