STAT Service-now Integration

Is it possible to create a service-now change request upon creating a new CSR in STAT? Whenever user creates a new CSR, the STAT should call the service now API to create a new ticket. Have anyone tried this option?

  • Most customers who integrate Stat and ServiceNow use ServiceNow business events to open a CSR in Stat by making Web Service call to Stat. I have had, as I recall, 2 customers inquire about opening a ServiceNow request from Stat. The three options I suggested are using an insert trigger to make a call to ServiceNow api; having a middleware process query Stat every n minutes and process any new Stat CSRs and pass CSR information to ServiceNow api or add the ServiceNow email to the Stat notification event for a new CSR. The latter would open a ServiceNow request but would require manual intervention to populate the ServiceNow change request.

    How do you believe Stat should integrate with ServiceNow? We welcome the community's input on how we may improve the integration of Stat with service management solutions such as ServiceNow.

  • This post is old.  Stat still support Web Services but most customers are now using Stat's REST api for the SMS integrations.  Please see the following post: