• Stat 6.4 - when being released

    Is there a date when Stat 6.4 will be released?  Trying to plan next year upgrade for Stat

  • Stat 5. 8 archive set feature is disable in STAT 6.3 version

    In our existing STAT 5.8 application
    After creating the Archive set, We are getting option to change "File From" (Work/Environment),
    but this option is disable in STAT 6.3 after creating the Archive set. Please enable this option in 6.3. This…

  • MFA Authentication for Stat application

    Hi All,

    Our client is planning MFA (Multi factor authentication) to implement in all our Applications, hence we are planning STAT application to use MFA and it is not supported with current Stat version 6.2 & 6.3.
    We are expecting it in newer version…

  • How to reduce the time and cost of manual application changes by 75% or more

    If your company is making and deploying application changes manually you likely realize how time consuming and error prone a manual process can be.  This is especially true if your application is under governance that restricts access to the production…

  • Disaster Recovery Rights for Stat (per production) license

    Hi All, 

    I’m interested to know what Disaster Recovery rights come with STAT ACM for Oracle Per Production License?

    Hoping someone can assist?


  • How to switch database users to run scripts during code deployment?

    How to switch database users to run scripts during code deployment?

  • i need the Upgrade steps for Stat

    Good day

    can you provide mme the steps for a proper upgrade on stat? i am several versions behind

  • Register for What's New in Stat 6.1 Webinar

    What’s New in Stat 6.1

    Since its inception…

  • New Product Manager for Stat...

    Hi all.  I'm Rick Schiller, the new Product Manager for Stat.  I’m pleased to be joining this highly qualified team with a long track record of delivering real value to our customers.  This an exciting time at Quest Software (in our first full…