Is Quest/ApexSQL legit?

I found a link to the ApexSQL Propogate software on a forum and downloaded and installed the software. I created a simple query script to test running over multiple (4) databases. The simple script failed each time and when I went to reopen my script to test it manually, I discovered that my entire script was replaced with Chinese characters!

I then sent an email to support but they responded with with "we can't/won't help you. Use the 'Community' forum instead."
I then tried to log into the Community forum via my Microsoft account but I keep getting "That Was Unexpected...We apologize, but an unexpected issue prevented the page you requested from being available. We've logged the issue so the site administrator can resolve the problem."

Next I tried creating an account manually and logging in that way via IE11. But that wouldn't work either as the menus would not display correctly leaving no way to post a question.

I was finally able to get here using Firefox but now I'm wondering if this company/software is legit or a data collection tool for the Chinese. I am NOT a paranoid person but this experience seems awfully sketchy.

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