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Spotlight on SQL Server

Installation, Setup and Administration

Spotlight on SQL Server Installation Requirements (with Optional Walk-Through)

Setting up Monitoring of your SQL Servers

Managing User Roles

How to use Spotlight

An Introduction to using Spotlight on SQL Server

Understanding Performance History with Spotlight

Statement-Level Analytics using Wait Events and Workload Analysis

Specific Use-Case Examples

Understanding IO Issues

Diagnosing Blocking and Deadlocks


Customizing Spotlight on SQL Server Alarms

Extending Spotlight on SQL Server using Custom Counters

Monitoring SQL Server's Peripheral Functionalities

Replication Monitoring

Foglight for Databases

Installation, Setup and Administration

Installation Requirements and Walk-Through

Setting up Monitoring

How to use Foglight

An Introduction to using Foglight for Databases

Statement-level and Historical Analytics

Specific Use-Case Examples

Diagnosing IO Issues

Diagnosing Blocking and Deadlocks


User-Defined Collections

LiteSpeed for SQL Server

Understanding Backup Performance

LiteSpeed's Backup Analyzer

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