Pellegrini Finds Functionality and Ease of Use with Quest Solutions

Pellegrini is an Italian contact catering company that provides vending machines, cleaning and integrated services, food supplies, and welfare services such as meal vouchers. They serve 45 million meals a year at various companies, religious communities, health facilities and school, so in order to and provide reliable services to their customers, they realized that, like many organizations, they needed an IT upgrade.

Here’s a scenario: Pellegrini provides cater­ing in hospitals and schools, and their meal vouchers are critical for the many people who use it as their payment system. If they get an issue in an IT system like , it would be devastating, because it would affect not just internal users but external services as well.

Unfortunately, Pellegrini discovered that native tools do not provide the visibility needed for smooth operations and regulatory compliance. To add on top of their limitations, they were complex to use, making what little ability they have difficult to utilize.

“To identify and investigate suspicious activity in Active Directory, our file servers, Exchange or other systems, we needed to analyze the system logs,” recalls Davide Melloni, Systems and Infra­structure Manager at Pellegrini. “Since those logs were not centralized, we had to go to each system individually, which was a considerable waste of time. More­over, the logs are not easy to interpret and, at times, it was simply not possible to correlate the data and achieve the goal of understanding what actually happened. We knew we needed a tool that would provide centralization of all system logs.”

They found the answer to their problem with Quest solutions, specifically: Change Auditor, Enterprise Reporter and InTrust.

Read the full case study and learn how Pellegrini was able to:

  • Improve security by enabling strong control over Active Directory and other core Microsoft platforms
  • Save time with and storage, and automated event correlation
  • Speed up troubleshooting with Google-like search across the IT ecosystem
  • Simplify regulatory compliance with easy reporting on configurations, activity and more

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