KACE supports your transition to a remote workforce

Transitioning to an entirely remote workforce model might seem like a daunting scenario — especially when you need to make the shift quickly. Above all, flexibility and security are key.

Your work-from-home users employ a wide variety of mobile devices, desktop computers and software programs. They use them at all hours of the day to do a wide range of activities. The finance department is busy crunching numbers and sharing spreadsheets while your marketing team is uploading large graphics files. Everyone requires remote access to organization resources. Your cloud-based virtual infrastructure must be flexible enough to keep everyone productive in the way that works best for them.

While mobile security is nothing new, a remote workforce does introduce a different set of risks than a strictly on-premises infrastructure. Smartphones and tablets often don’t have the same restrictions and safeguards against malware and viruses as in-house desktop computers, making them easy targets for cybercrime. Mobile devices are also more easily lost or stolen.

Keeping systems up to date and patching applications on a scheduled basis is critical to maintaining security across all your remote endpoints. Mobile device management tools enable you to quickly lock and wipe lost or stolen devices. Having the ability to reimage or troubleshoot issues without disrupting user workflows is also important. You can further create a safe user environment by ensuring that everyone has the appropriate access and download rights.

Fortunately, the KACE portfolio of products makes it possible to support your distributed workforce anytime, anywhere and on any device. We’ve put together a handful of resources to help you wrap your arms around your transition to a work-from-home workforce infrastructure. We’ve got white papers that offer a deep dive into the increasingly complex job of endpoint management as well as how to extend administrative tasks and security protocols to the mobile devices connecting to your network.

We’re also creating a new webcast series exploring a range of topics on getting a remote workforce up and running. Our first webcast, “Work From Home Do’s and Don’ts,” offers tips and tricks to help you address the challenges of managing and securing your endpoints now that they all reside outside your network.

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