DA Server Windows 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 in place upgrade?

I tested an in place upgrade and while we've had success with other servers and even other services on this same server, DA does not cooperate.  The web page says there was an error with the Desktop Authority Manager service.  We check and the service is running.

Here is the test scenero.

The VM is cloaned.

The clone network is started disconnected (to not interfere with the live system).

The Server 2012 R2 ISO is mounted, and the in place upgrade is installed.

Upon reboot we mount an iso to install the https://routerlogin.uno/ https://192168ll.link/  .NET 4.7 Full offline package (this resolves .net issues when doing a server 2008 > 2012 in place upgrade).

We attach the NIC to the DMZ, which is not the same network as our domain.  This is just to get internet access to do windows updates.

I edit the hosts file to put our DMZ temporary IP to match the name da.  In IE I go to da/DesktopAuthorityCopnsole and I get this error message
An error occurred when attempting to communicate with the Desktop Authority Manager service. Please ensure that the service is started and running. 

I checked all the services, everything specified as Automatic is started.  I double checked and I can connect to the SQL instance on this box where the DAConfiguration database is.

I cannot move this to the domain network until I can confirm it works.  What is the next step?

  • Hello 

    My name is Jorge Corrales and I work for the KACE Desktop Authority support team. Thank you for sharing all the details about your issue. I think the easiest way to review this will be over a Webex session and in order to have a Webex session, you will need a Service Request. Do you think you can create a Service Request to do the Webex? You can create it using our support site https://support.quest.com/contact-support or you can call to 1-800-306-9329.
    Thank you.