• disabled users in the last xx days

    Hi Team, We need the disabled accounts report as follows, kindly assist

    • Daily – Accounts disabled the day before.
    • Weekly – Accounts disabled the previous week, to be send on Monday Mornings.
    • Monthly – Accounts disabled the previous month…
  • Date Format in the report shows MM/DD/YYYY - can this be modified to DD/MM/YYYY

    Date Format in the report shows MM/DD/YYYY - can this be modified to DD/MM/YYYY format for the fields which has time stamp values in it. For Ex: User Creation Date, Expiration Date (Domain User), Last Collected Time (Domain) etc on Quest Reports - Active…

  • Extraction of User Accounts Created in the last XX Days

    Hello Quest Team,

    Extraction of Report that can query AD user accounts that were created in the last 1,7,30 amount of days(flexible to specify xx days). Unfortunately did not see anything that matched in the library or on the community site.


  • Extract of Users with a specific data populated in 'extentionAttribute13' field ex:extentionAttribute13 = InternalEMP

    Hello Quest Team, we are looking to Extract Users with a specific data populated in 'extentionAttribute13' field ex:extentionAttribute13 = InternalEMP
    along with this field we also like to select various other user fields, so please don't hard cord…

  • Extraction of Domain User List and count of them in two different sheets within one excel/csv with timestamp and company logo

    I am trying to extract all Users list(using report "Domain Users") for a given domain and its working as expected, however we also need a snap of total user count in a different sheet within the same excel of extracted user list.

    This is to evident…

  • Is it possible to add custom (calculated) column into CSV report?

    I am reporting user accounts based on various filters, exporting that to CSV for further processing. Everything works fine, but I am interested in adding some extra columns (that are not collected from AD) but can be defined by formula. I can do…

  • How to run a custom report from Quest Report tool using Windows Task Scheduler

    In our quest report tool, we have a number of reports that are needed to be generated on a weekly basis. We currently have to manually go and run each report from the server Quest Report tool is saved and then save the report onto our local drive. Is…

  • Need help on a creation of a Custom Report to analyze 15 Forests (Domains)


    I would like to create a custom report with the following criteria, across 12 forests (Domains).  I'm running Enterprise Reporter 3.2.1, I have run the AD Discovery only.

    I will need the following data:

    > Domain name (Netbios)

    > Name

  • Custom Azure Report for Users with a specific UPN and the groups those users are a member of

    I am Looking for a Azure AD report that allows me to Filter users based on their UPN, and then Show me all groups where those specific Users are members. 

    Scenario Tenant hosts many users and groups with Company Specific UPN

    Looking to be able to discover…

  • ER Report Request: Recursive list of Folders showing the number of Folders and files within each

    Attempting to create query/report that would output the following in CSV format:

    Folder Path Number of Folders  Number of Files
    \\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1 5 13
    \\RootFolder\Folder1\SubFolder1\Sub-SubFolder1 0 27
  • AD Action Summary Custom Report Request

    An overview explaining the report you require:
    I need a report that creates a summary of AD activity, showing Accounts Created, Accounts Deprovisioned, Computers Created, Groups Created and Groups Modified.
    I have reports that will output the information…

  • Comprehensive report to expose all subordinate users of an AD user

    I am looking into a customer request (Iron Mountain) for a report which would enumerate all direct and indirect subordinates to an AD user to the bottom most level. Their use case is primarily centered around constructing and altering distribution lists…

  • Cross forest group nesting report

    I have set the discovery for AD to collect group nestings as needed -but I need to make a report now for it.


    Required fields Domain and Group name to input to report nested information on.


    Domain name, Group name, OU path to group, domain…